🔎 Magnifying Glass Tilted Right Emoji

by Emilia

Emoji Meaning

Magnifying Glass Tilted Right Emoji🔎Magnifying glass or lens with a round frame and a black grip. Those who use a magnifying glass object with the right side tilted allude to those who use a left-handed magnifier. An investigation, detection, or a vocation in these fields could be shown. Aside from that, it may also suggest eye-testing gear.


Unicode 6.0 authorized the left-pointing magnifying glass in 2010 and included it in Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Magnifying Glass Tilted Right Emoji

Other Names :

🔎 Reading Lens

🔎 Magnifying Glass

🔎 Magnifier

🔎 Zooming Glass

🔎 Macro Photography

🔎 Search Icon

🔎 Right-Pointing Magnifying Glass


  • 🔎 U+1F50E


  • :mag_right: (Github, Slack)

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