How to Lose Belly Fat? | Effective Tips to lose excessive Belly Fat!

by Aruba Aftab

There are plenty of reasons why people gain fat, some of them include a poor diet and they want to know something like How to lose weight and belly fat. Making small changes in your lifestyle, such as improving your diet, increasing daily activities, and bettering your sleeping cycle can help a lot in losing overall body fat. 

If you want to lose belly fat then you have to make some changes in your lifestyle. So, what you can you do to reduce your abdominal fat? Turns out, a lot! 

Scientific Reasons behind Belly Fat? 

Bulky fat in the abdominal region refers to the fat we see around the abdominal region. It consists of two types i.e. Visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. 

Visceral fat is the fat that surrounds a person’s organs, whereas subcutaneous fat means the fat that sits under the skin. Health complications and diseases from visceral fat are considered more harmful than those caused by subcutaneous fat.

Reasons for Belly Fat

Down below are some of the main reasons behind excessive abdominal fat:

  1. Cause increase in body weight.
  2. Slow the metabolism
  3. Reduce the chances of burning body fat. 

A low-protein diet and high-cards can also play a role in gaining weight. A protein diet can help a person feel fuller while those people who do not include proteins in their daily diet may eat more food overall. Trans-fats such as bakery items and fast food can lead to obesity and inflammation. 

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol: 

Consuming too much alcohol and drugs can cause a variety of health problems which can have harmful effects on the mind and body of an individual. It can cause liver diseases and inflammation in the stomach. 

According to a report published in 2015, alcohol consumption can cause males to gain weight around their bellies and abdominal region, whereas the study results in females are inconsistent. 

  • Too much stress: 

Asteroid hormone often known as cortisol helps the body deal with hypertension and stress. When a person is in excessive stress or a high-pressure situation, the body releases this hormone which can have an impact on the body’s metabolism. 

Many individuals often reach for food and drinks when they are under stress as comfort. This can increase stomach fat and overall body fat due to more intake of calories. 

  • Lack of Exercise: 

If a person eats more calories than they burn every day, they will put on weight easily. An inactive lifestyle and lazy routine make it hard for a person to get rid of excessive body fat, especially around their abdominal area

  • Poor Sleep: 

According to a study about weight gain, it was reported that a poor sleeping schedule can often lead to increased fat in the belly. The short duration of sleep can lead to an increase in food intake, unhealthy eating behaviors, and stress. The short duration of sleep can play a part in the development of belly fat

follow some tips to get desirable flat stomach

The best way to lose  Belly Fat Fast? 

We have shared some tips and methods that are effective for how to lose weight fast.

  • Improving nutrition: 

A healthy, balanced can help an individual lose overall body fat, and is also likely to have a positive effect on mental health as well. People should avoid taking sugary items, fatty foods and may want to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables in their diet. 

  • Increasing exercise: 

An inactive lifestyle can lead to many dangerous health problems. If you are trying to lose weight then we suggest that you make exercise a part of your daily routine.

  • Reducing Stress and Improving Sleep Schedule

Sleep is very important in trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough sleep and rest is vital when a person is trying to shed off some excess weight, including fat around the stomach. 

Stress can also make a person gain unwanted weight due to the release of a steroid hormone that can disturb the metabolism cycle. Stress-relieving tactics include yoga, exercises, and medication. 

  • Quit Smoking and Drinking: 

Alcohol consumption and smoking can result in tons of serious health problems. Studies have shown that these things can also contribute to the gain of body weight. Quitting can play a significant role in reducing abdominal fat to get flat stomach as well as improve overall body health. 

do some stretches to burn abdominal fat

How to get rid of belly fat fast with exercise:

As people become older, it is common for them to gain some weight around their belly. This is usually because their muscle mass decreases with age.  Fat in the belly can make anyone feel self-conscious and can also lead to many serious health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and breathing problems. 

Due to these risks, you must start controlling your stomach fat now before it gets out of hand. There are many exercises out there on the internet that can contribute to reducing bloated stomachs. Of course, all of them are not created equal but they sure will help you to reduce your body weight. 

Here are some of the exercises that can help you shed off that excess belly fat: 

  1. Aerobic and Cardio Exercise. 
  2. Cycling
  3. Running
  4. Brisk Walk
  5. Rowing
  6. Group fitness classes
  7. High-Intensity interval training (HIIT) 
  8. Weight training 

Does Our Diet help lose Belly Fat? 

Yes, our diet can play an essential role in gaining or burning fat from the abdominal area. Many scientists and doctors suggest their patients incorporate a healthy diet into their daily routine, as it is a great source of weight loss. 

Abdominal fat is linked to an increased risk of harmful diseases. Most people try to reduce their excessive abdominal fat by making a few changes in their daily diet, such as eating healthy food packed with protein, fruits and vegetables, and legumes. Avoiding the intake of junk food, fatty items, High-carbs, sugary products, and fizzy drinks can also help in losing fat fast. Therefore, you need to adopt healthy habits of eating to lose weight and keep it off. Green tea helps to boost metabolism.

add activities in your daily routine to boost up metabolism rate

Activities that can replace boring Exercises to burn fat fast: 

If you are someone that lacks the ‘get-up and go’ attitude when it comes to doing exercises then you can always spice up your fitness journey. We don’t always need to do formal exercises if we want to lose those extra pounds. Find activities that make your workout session feel more like playing, and you’ll still be able to build your muscles, heart, and bones. 

You can do hiking or dancing, or learn to play a new sport such as soccer or tennis. However, make sure the activities you pick for yourself are vigorous and you can perform them at least 3 to 4 times a week. You can incorporate fun activities to replace boring exercises that will also keep your body moving and burning calories. 

A lot of folks get quite bored with the same old exercises and start to lose motivation to work out. There are many ways to change your exercising routine, for example, cardio workouts don’t always involve a treadmill, elliptical, or a stationary bike. Just try to think outside the box and do other fun activities like biking, swimming, playing your favorite sports like football, basketball, volleyball, or tennis. 

You must keep changing your exercises or workout to keep them fun and fresh, as everyone can get bored doing the same thing over and over again. 

Is PCOS the most common reason for weight gain? 

For women with PSOC (polycystic ovary syndrome), it can be quite hard to lose body fat. It is the most common hormonal disorder that women of childbearing age have to face and can often lead to issues with fertility. Many women who struggle with PCOS are overweight or obese; therefore losing those extra pounds is a constant battle for them. 

If you have PCOS, then these certain lifestyle changes can possibly help you to shed those extra pounds and reduce the severity of the disease. 

If someone is suffering from PCOS, it becomes difficult for their body to use the Insulin Hormone, which helps to convert sugar and starch foods into energy. High insulin levels in the body can result in various complications and symptoms such as irregular periods, acne, more hair growth, and lastly, weight gain. 

Abdominal fat is the most dangerous form of body fat as it is associated with high risks of heart diseases and other health problems. 

Weight loss can surely help with PCOS as it improves insulin sensitivity in the body. This will also reduce the high risk of heart diseases and some other PCOS complications. To lose weight in PCOS, start with a visit to the doctor. 

Final thoughts

we have highlighted some handpicked tips for you that will definitely help you:

  • First of all, you must understand that there is no coffee or drink that targets burning your fat directly, these are all trash. Only they can speed up or boost the rate of metabolism which is necessary for fat burning.    
  • Some exercises can target specific fat areas directly, so add them to your daily routine.    
  • The most important thing is your diet, choose whatever diet works best for you. Eating in small portions, 3 or 4 times a day, or in large portions twice a day doesn’t matter.    
  • The only thing that matters is what type of food do you eat and how many calories does that food contain?    
  •  Focus on diet, exercise, and eat according to your daily calorie needs.    
  • Focus on macros, try to eat carbohydrates and fats in adequate amounts, but don’t cut them off from the diet, they are necessary to make you feel full.    

Intake food that is a source of protein will help you to lose weight without losing muscle strength.   

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