I Expel My Lockdown Depression By Composing Comics That Comment On The Pandemic

by heatfeed

I can bet these comics can force you to smile in an unhappy or worst situation of mental health. It’s a lovely thing to entertain family, friends, and strangers by making drawings or art of cartooning.

#1 Dating Apps Got You Down?

#2 The Scariest Thing To Happen In 2020

#4 It’s A Dog’s World

#5 It’s Always “Who’s A Good Boy?

#6 Spin The Wheel To Make A Meal 

#7 It’s Pronounced “Tar – Jay” 

#8 What’s A Cal – En – Dar?

#9 Every Dad’s Nightmare

#10 Aa

#11 A Man Can Dream

#12 Kevin Was Asked To Pursue A Passion Outside Of Work

#13 “It Was ‘Purelly’ For Research Purposes”