Let’s Rock & Roll With This Dancing Gorilla

by heatfeed
Let’s Rock & Roll With This Dancing Gorilla

Ayn Rand has rightly put this – “Learn to value yourself, which means: fight for your happiness.” 

This is what this Gorilla is doing. Zola, a 14-year old gorilla at the Dallas Zoo in Texas, has found his own happiness in the simplest of the things nature bestows him with. He is believed to have come from the Calgary Zoo in 2013. Both these Zoo authorities have claimed that Zola possesses some unique and inspiring dancing abilities that inspire people to be happy and carefree. 

A Show Put Just Right:

In 2017, Ashley Orre, a zookeeper, claimed to have seen him dancing to his tunes. It seems that something sparked him and elated him to a level that he started enjoying the splash pool of water with some rock and roll moves. She stated that while she was doing some cleaning in the zoo, she heard some splashing sounds of water. In the first instance, she got scared a little, but eventually, when she moved towards the direction of the sound, she saw that Zola was in his best mood and enjoying the bounties of nature wholeheartedly by just putting his best foot forward.

You cannot just expect a gorilla to be this way because these creatures have always been synonymous with some sort of anger and ferociousness. But at the same time reports have proved that they could be lovable too. But this was something hilarious, incredible, and surprising. Seeing a gorilla dancing in the splash pool was really amazing. Look at his just perfect moves; it seems he is an expert on the skill. 

Well sounds apt as various zookeepers of both the zoos have several times updated that they have seen Zola dancing many-a-times.

Netizens Verdict:

People have turned crazy, watching his pure joy. So much so that many have commented that they wanted to feel the same what he is feeling at the moment. Some have also added some music to the video, to enjoy it in a better way.