Here’s Why You Should Let Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed

by heatfeed

Sleeping with your dog is good for your health or not? How could sleep with a dog help in relieving stress? Is it good for mental health?– Many of us are wondering about it. 

It is an active debate for many years in the pet community. So many people have researched a lot about it. And studies have proved that it is. 

Letting your dog sleep in your bed has many benefits for your mental and physical health. 

Everyone knows that dogs are the most loyal creatures on the earth. Many people love to adopt a dog as a pet more than anything else. 

Is sleeping with your dog a good idea? What psychology says about it

According to psychology, sleeping with your dog has many health benefits. But on the top of the list is that it helps to reduce depression. Because contact with dogs increases oxytocin, the love chemical.

It helps in increasing the sense of security and lets you feel protective. It also helps in improving sleep quality. 

Contact with pets reduces stress and tension. Many pet owners say that they have noticed changes in their mental health from pet contact. As a result, they started living a better life now.

PTSD patients found that it can help in diminishing nightmares. In addition, sleeping with the dog mitigates anxiety. It can also cure insomnia.

Furthermore, dogs help in decreasing the feeling of loneliness and give you good companionship.

How sleeping with your dog can boost your mental health? 

Sleeping with dogs helps to release stress, and it results in good sleep. And when you have a perfect sleep, you will wake up fresh and energetic. 

It helps to improve your mental functioning. It also has many other health benefits like increasing the feeling of comfort. Making you feel protective while sleeping.

It also has some proven scientific explanations too, like what happens to you when you sleep with your dog.

Why is sleeping with a dog good for health? Scientific reasons exposed:

Contact with dogs increases the flow of oxytocin in your brain. And releasing oxytocin promotes theta brainwaves. And theta waves are primarily associated with drowsiness. And theta waves make you sleepy. 

The presence of a dog in your life can decrease loneliness. In addition, human-dog interaction led to lower blood pressure. And also makes your heartbeat normal.

According to the American Heart Association, pet interaction can decrease hypertension.    

Is sleeping with dogs good for their health too?

Absolutely yes. Sleeping with your pet helps in building a solid bond between you and your pet. A strong bond leads to a strong connection of affection. In addition, pets get more concerned about the owner.  

They start obeying more. And this is a good thing for training your pet.

Final Thoughts:

Dogs are the most loyal creatures in the world, and it’s true. Sleeping with dogs can help you get many physical and mental benefits. But keep that in mind sleeping with a dog has some side effects too.

Like, sleeping with a dog can cause you allergies. It could make your allergies worse than they were ever before. 

You should not take this step if your dog is new to your house. 

Furthermore, sleeping with your dog can help you in many ways, but it also has some issues to resolve first. Take good care of your pets.