KG/M^3 TO G/CM^3

by Helen C. Forrester
kg/m^3 to g/cm^3          0.001 g/cm3  

For fewer distances, an m or a cm is often used. Both are metric units of measurement for determining an object’s length or distance. A cm is a centimeter, which is 100x smaller than meters. Our site proposed an efficient unit converter tool, which is fast, and reliable.

How to convert KG/M^3 to G/CM^3?

1 kilogram cubic meters is equal to 0.001 grams per cubic centimeters:

kg/m^3 = 1 / 1000 = 0.001g/cm^3


kg/m^3 = g/cm^3 / 1000 = g/cm^3


Convert 10 kilogram/ cubic meters to gram/ cubic centimeter:

kg/m^3 = 10 * 10000 = 0.01 g/cm^3

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