Joe Bidden won the Elections

by heatfeed

According to CBS News reports, Joe Biden won the elections in Wisconsin state and Michigan, He is capturing 26 votes, and inch by inch getting closer to a total of 270.

He needs six more votes to get the White House President and deny President Trump’s second term. 

Joe Biden’s victory in those states was the key state of Donald Trump’s coalition back in 2016. This significantly lowers Trump’s pathways to reelect as the President of the United States.

It’s only six states left now to toss-ups as per CBS News’ prediction. Currently, Joe Biden has a lead with 20,510 votes as in the state of Wisconsin, all ballots were counted, and an estimated 61,000 votes lead in Michigan.

Prediction of Biden’s Victory :

Many organizations predict the winning of Joe Biden’s victory. He holds leads in many states. CBS News considers Pennsylvania and North Carolina toss-ups. Most probably, Joe Biden is to win in Arizona also in Nevada.

Biden ha currently has 264 electoral votes from all the states in Total. Just six electoral votes out of 270 are needed to be the head of America and the white house. 

A projected win in these two states gave him precisely 270 electoral votes. However, President Trump has a total stand of 214 votes. 

The narrow lead between Trump and Biden :

President Trump’s lead narrows down in Georgia to only 28,827 electoral votes, with a total of 95% of the votes in. On Thursday, 12:30 a.m., President Trump possessed  2,427,542 votes in contrast to opponent Biden’s 2,398,715 votes. Which is just separated by a fragile margin, 0.6%.

On Wednesday night early, when the counting continues in many counties in the state, Raffensperger, secretary of Brad, said at 10:15 p.m., Almost  90,735 ballots are yet outstanding.

Fulton County, which is heavily Democratic, has now reported almost 94% of votes and is expected to complete counting as soon s possible. Same as that, Georgia said 95% votes yet. 

Pennsylvania reports :

As per Pennsylvania-related reports, President’s lead has been suppressed to 182,561 in Pennsylvania, together with 1,066,963 ballots of mail yet uncounted. Almost 88% of the total votes are considered.

And President Trump currently holds 47.9% votes in contrast to Biden, who has 50.8% electoral votes. This gap faced a significant drop as from Wednesday night when Trump has a more robust and massive lead of 379,639 electoral votes over Biden. 

But the ballots are outstanding, and it seems like to favor Joe Biden. Votes were cast through the mail, Total of 3.1 million ballots by mail was requested in Pennsylvania, and Democrats requested 63% of ballots.

Similarly 25% by Republicans, and 12% by others. It is still left to be seen by the world if it gives enough support to Biden and these million ballots enough to suppress Donald Trump or not. 

President Trump also claims that the Elections of 2020 are being stolen. 

There are almost 117,000 ballots requested by the voters in North Carolina. Then the Election board will match these ballots with the current voter history of the State of America. 

Lawsuits filed by President Trump :

President Trump filed the lawsuit in many states, including Georgia, and try to halt the counting of votes.

Current predictions from political experts :

According to the current situation, It is much more visible that the Americans have chosen their final choice so clearly and want to send Joe Biden together with Kamala Harris to the presidential White House. Everyone has a watching eye on the final results. 

Despite All this, Trump has a strong belief that he will be the President of America once again. As he said, thousands of electoral votes are left for counting still. No one has won the game yet. 

Statements by Donald Trump and Joe Biden :

Many statements have been made by both Trump and Biden. 

In one of his latest statements, Biden predicts that his party will win the Elections of 2020. He is confident enough to emerge as a victory party.

He shows this confidence in his brief remarks on Wednesday afternoon. He also urged his public to show unity despite the divided politics of America. 

He expressed his thoughts by saying, “I am not declaring that I won the elections, but I want you all to know that once the counting is done, I believe our party will be a winner.”

He said so by contrasting him with President Trump, who claimed his victory falsely on Wednesday. He said He felt so good about his success in Pennsylvania and other important states. He repeatedly says that he would be going to be present for who American nation very soon. 

He further added that there would be no discrimination between blue and red states in his period. There’s just one United America. He urged the general public to lower their anger and listen and hear each other peacefully once again. 

He rebuked Donald Trump, who expressed doubt on the legal counting of ballots. As he said, every vote will be counted democratically and legally. This is our right. 

Systematic Wrongdoing claims :

Internationally there’s no evidence of any systematic wrongdoing in the 2020 elections in the united states of America.

Intergovernmental security organization, which is working in 57 countries, said in the press meeting that Allegations and claims of any systematic wrongdoing have no pieces of evidence or reality.

But this organization also warned authorities to restrain from such illegal acts and attempts to undermine the public trust. 

The election commission should assure quality and transparent democracy-based elections. Counting and collection of votes are totally according to law and policies. No one has a right to snatch anyone’s right to vote. 

Pending Election results :

Both Trump and Joe Biden are confident of victory in the united states presidential election, as the results hang balance on both sides. It results in the form of a legal fight between both of them over votes.

Followers of Joe Biden expressed their optimism about the winning chances of the president seat, As Biden is on the way to winning the elections 2020, and indeed he will be officially America’s next President. 

Can Donald Trump still win?

Joe Biden has 264 Electoral votes, giving him the lead in the race of accumulating the 270 votes needed to win the Election.

President  Trump has 214 votes. In America, options are based on the state level instead of the national one. Each state has specific Electoral College voters mainly based on its population. 

Trump must have won in Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Arizona, with 62 votes in Total. The gap between Trump and Joe Biden is dwindled to just 13,000 votes in America, According to the latest estimates.