Insta Stalker

by heatfeed

Instastalker is an online tool that allows users to anonymously stalk instagram and watch Instagram stories, monitor Insta accounts, new subscriptions, followers, new and old likes, comments, and posts, or other potential changes of any public Instagram account. With this tool, you can even view those Instagram stories which have been deleted from the profile, but only if you have added that profile’s credentials to our service to save the deleted data of that account. 

After you have entered the required information i.e. username, you can get daily reports of that profile, and all the changes, comments, views, posts, and likes of that particular public page. See the list of top tools to watch Instagram private accounts.

What is Instastalker? 

Instastalker is an advanced online tool that allows users to stalk other users’ accounts anonymously. It helps them to search for new or old stories, locations, comments, tags, and likes of that particular Instagram user. Basically, such web applications are designed to serve as a web viewers to check out the recent activities, updates, trends, and popular Instagram stories. 

Instagram is one of the largest and the most widely used social media platforms nowadays, where people from all across the globe post pictures, and videos, and share their life achievements, goals, fashion, and daily routine. 

If you want to get all the latest information about an Instagram profile, then this smart Insta Stalker is your best bet. You can collect all sorts of information and data about the desired Instagram page, and gather a vast variety of interesting things that may help you a lot. And, the best thing about this incredibly fast Instagram stalker and ig stalker is that it is completely free-to-use for everyone! 

Following are the basic four benefits you’ll get from using this instastalker tool: 

  • Anonymous Activity. 
  • No registration is required.  
  • Fast and protected. 
  • Free-of-cost 

Steps to use this Insta Stalker Tool: 

Follow these simple steps to use this Insta Stalker tool:

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Go to the account that you want to watch anonymously.
  3. Copy the Username of that profile. 
  4. Now, open this Insta Stalker website and paste the username in the text field box. 
  5. Click the “Search” button on this page, and enjoy the content! 

Our Insta Stalker tool comes with a user-friendly interface that is easily accessible by anyone. This ig stalker is as simple as ABC. All you need to do is insert the Username of that Instagram profile and our tool will do the rest. 

Is this Insta Stalker Tool Free? 

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to view all the latest stories, posts, and comments of an IG profile but didn’t have the guts to actually follow them? If yes, then let me tell you that you are not the only one. This is where the instastalkr tool steps in to turn around the whole game. It is user-friendly, simple-to-use, and provides completely free service to all its users. 

All you have to do is insert the link or username of the Instagram profile and our incredible Insta Stalker tool will provide you with all the content of that account. We offer cost-free service to all of our respectable users and you can use our instasgalker anytime you like, as many times as you want. 

Benefits of using an Insta Stalker tool: 

As we all know, Instagram has made it perfectly impossible to view a user’s profile without signing up on the social media platform. By doing this, the company ensures that more people are attracted to join the community. However, it is not as impossible as it seems because, with this ig stalker, you can now anonymously stalk and view any public Instagram account without even the person knowing. This will limit your apparent presence on Instagram and you can still easily watch all of that profile’s stories, posts, likes, and comments. 

The greatest thing is that our service is absolutely free-to-use, which means you don’t need to log in or sign-up before using it. So, now anyone enjoys the benefits of our smart Insta Stalker tool for FREE!

  • View the profiles of Instagram users who have blocked you: 

If an Instagram user has blocked you from their profile and added you to that IG block list. You can still view all their content anonymously by using our Insta Stalker tool. 

  • Stay completely Anonymous: 

Have you ever created a fake Instagram Account as you found it too weird to stalk instagram someone from your real IG page? Well, that time is over because, with Instastalker service, you can easily watch someone’s profile anonymously. It’s the perfect tool for all those users who struggle with privacy and anonymity issues. 

  • Delete your account on Instagram without any hesitation: 

Tired of using Instagram but can’t delete it because then it’ll stop you from being updated with your friends, spouses, and influencers’ new pots? Well, now you can privately monitor any public IG account by simply inserting their real IG username into our tool’s field text box once a week, or even, every day!

Advantages of anonymously stalking Instagram Accounts: 

Relationships and Spouses: 

Want to check if your partner is loyal to you or not?- a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, best friend? If yes, then instagram stalker will help you know who they follow, like, and which posts and stories they have hidden from you or deleted recently. 

New Acquaintances: 

Met someone but don’t know much about them? Instastalker will enable you to get to know them well by showing you their stories, posts, and tags anonymously anytime you like. 

Career and Business: 

If you want to get a peek of your new employee or business partner’s Instagram profile, then this incredible instagram stalker tool will show you all of his/her IG likes, comments, views, stories, and posts with just one click. 

Celebrities and Influencers

Are you one of those people who love to keep their following status low but still want to see what is going on in celebrities’ and IG influencers’ lives then this Instagram stalker tool is the best solution for you. With Instastalker, you can now easily keep a close eye on all of your favorite artists and content creators. 

Ways to check if someone is stalking your Instagram account: 

If you want to find out who is stalking your Instagram profile and engaging with your latest content then you’d be disappointed to know that there is no way to find that out within the premises of the platform. Snapchat provides its users with a lot more information about this matter, but Instagram on the other hand does not. 

But, there is a way! 


There is plenty of online Instagram stalking website, applications, and browser extensions that help users to know who is engaging with their content and watching their stories anonymously. However, not every app works well, while others may ask you to provide them with your personal information. Beware of such apps as they can prove to be quite unsafe. 

Don’t get dis-hearted yet because there are many legitimate websites and tools like Insta Stalker which offer their customers full stats about the other Instagram profile. Just make sure to read the reviews and pros/cons of that website before you jump in. 

Catching Instagram Stalkers: 

The only way how you can find out who is stalking your Instagram profile or engaging with your content is via your IG stories. If you are a verified or professional account, then Instagram will let you know how many users are viewing your posts and stories but they don’t disclose the names of those users. So, here’s another method for you to try out. 

When Instagram users posted a story from their profile, they are given an option to hide it from certain people. A few years back, Instagram launched a new feature named “Close Friends” where users get shown that they are only sharing that content with specific people. 

If you don’t want to block or restrict a user from your Instagram page but also don’t want them viewing your story then here’s what you should do: 

  • Before posting a story, open the story Settings. 
  • Click on the “Hide Story From” option. 
  • Select all the users from whom you want to hide your story. 


Q1. If an Instagram account appears at the top of my feed, does it mean they stalk my profile

Many people say that according to Instagram Algorithms, the IG accounts that appear at the top of your feed are actually those who revisit your profile frequently. While this does make sense to some extent, it has not been confirmed by Instagram yet. 

Q2. How to check if someone viewed your Instagram profile? 

Within the Instagram platform, it is not possible to check who or when someone visited your Instagram profile. Nonetheless, you can separately install third-party Instagram stalking tools to get you all the stats. 

Q3. Can I stalk a private Instagram profile with an instagram stalking website? 

Yes, but there may be some limitations to this matter. For example, instagram stalker might be able to extract the Insta Dp or profile Bio of that user but not their daily stories. 

Q4: Is the Insta Stalker tool free to use? 

Yes, Instastalker provides free service to everyone, without even asking for any subscriptions fees or registration. 

Q5. Will I be able to view the followers and following list of the IG profile? 

Yes, when you insert the username of an Instagram profile that you want to stalk, you can also view all their followers and following list easily. 

Q6. Is this tool compatible with both Android and IOS devices? 

You can use the Instagram stalking tools for both Android and IOS devices easily. The steps for stalking an IG profile are the same when used from any device or browser.