Unexpectedly, the Instagram model who has the “perfect” Instagram models has more followers than most

by heatfeed

with perfect bodies abound on social media sites. As a marketing technique, they upload photographs of their ideal bodies to sell us yet another diet, smoothie, or other product that will help us become just as beautiful as they are. The problem is that they aren’t completely honest with us. It’s Danae Mercer’s job to shine a light on them.

“For too long, we’ve been fed perfection. Because Instagram and TikTok both have built-in video editing tools that allow you to smooth your complexion or minimize your nose in a single click. “As Mercer put it, “As a result, I believe we need to keep harping on the importance of regular bodies and body image. Il nous rappelle que social media isn’t genuine, et that feeling good about oneself involves more than 10 seconds on Instagram.”


On the topic of lighting, let’s compare Instagram with reality. As a result, there is a significant contrast between these two photos:

Two of the photos have been purposefully oriented so that my bum is in the shadows. Because of the softer light, my cellulite is hidden, and my stretch marks are smoothed out. It’s a kind gesture. While in the other picture, I’m merely crouching opposite the mirror. Currently, the sun is shining on my hips and thighs. On display is a multitude of lumps and bumps.

Whenever I worked for a magazine, we would always take pictures at sunrise or dusk. Sun diffusers and reflectors were used on most scenes to achieve the optimum FLATTERING mix of shadow and light. Young women’s Instagram use has been positively connected with self-objectification for quite some time, according to researchers. As a result, they warn that internalizing cultural beauty standards and obsessively comparing your appearance with people whose social media posts you see might lead to major appearance-related issues.


Please raise your hand if you can relate!

Bloating happens to me rather frequently when I’m in a hormonal state, for example. When I’m under a lot of pressure Whenever I eat a particular food or drink. While I’m usually okay with it, there are moments when it gets to me.

BODY ACCEPTANCE comes into play here. Now, here’s what I’d like you girls to know. Although we will have difficult days, even Lizzo, body acceptance informs us that we still deserve KINDNESS, no matter how bad we feel. We are still entitled to food. The fact that we can still move, train, work, play, and relax is quite impressive. A terrible day or blow doesn’t make us wrong, but a bad day or disappointment might make us wrong.


I don’t care how bloated you are; you must eat.

For the simple reason that your body DESERVES to be fed Irrespective of whether or not you had a training session that morning. Irrespective of whether or not you had pizza the night before Nourish your soul or fuel your aspirations by eating softly and gently. You should also keep in mind that social media is only one part of the puzzle. In this picture, I’m clenching my stomach, arching my back, exhaling, and trying to hold it all together. Perfect install-pose, there you have it! But the truth is: My bloating worsens when I’m stressed or worried. Then my appetite disappears. Who has struggled with binge eating disorder knows how delicate and deadly these issues can be!


We’re all aware that social media is a highlight reel of the best bits of our lives. That’s glitzy. I believe it’s perfect. There is no doubt about it; people are showcasing themselves in their best light, their happiest moments, and their most proud moments.

A human being would never do such a thing! HUMAN BEINGS HAVE EVERYTHING: Vulnerabilities, softness, anxieties, hopes, fragility, CELLULITE, good days and terrible days, and ALL OF IT. That’s a part of being a human being. Hence, let’s change the subject—especially NOW when everything is so unpredictable and frighteningly unexpected.


It’s me, because I like to pose, but it’s much better to be comfortable while you’re doing it.”

Over the years, I believed getting rid of my CELLULITE would be the end of the world for me. 

I drew back. Your cellulite isn’t bothering you. Is there a stretch mark on your body? Do you have any wiggles, jiggles, folds, or creases in your body? All of this demands a lot of concentration. The heavy lifting on the inside.


Insta versus Reality / or why PERFECTION is DANGEROUS.

Perfection throws a wall up between us and others.

It does.

Because it shows only our shiny portions. Our STAGED parts. The MASKS that we wear when we are silently terrified no one will adore us otherwise.


However, CELLULITE IS NOT UNHEALTHY, as opposed to what you can see. It’s not. In one of my comments, a well-meaning woman pointed out that cellulite will disappear if you detox with green juice and cleanse everything.

When I posted an article about my runny a$$, a lot of less well-intentioned individuals remarked on how I needed to get to the gym. Just to be clear, cellulite isn’t unhealthy. The condition affects more than 80 percent of women. When women store fat, it might go up or down, but it’s also related to how women STORE fat, which we need to survive. Our only option is to get for. I’m a health journalist who focuses on public health issues. A professional fitness trainer, I can help you become in shape. These things are important to me, therefore.


Alternatively, changing your BODY does not affect the way you look. I was once preoccupied with being skinny. I didn’t eat for a few days. Memories. Moments, to be precise.

After losing the next 10 pounds, I was persuaded that I would feel better if I reached this magical number in my head. Strong.


I was certain that I would be adored by everyone. Perhaps one day I will come to appreciate myself as well. I’ve gained weight since then. Older. And I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own skin or in my own skin confidence. There is still much to be done (perhaps always), but I see my CELLULITE and don’t feel guilty.


TW – NEW YOUTUBE – Relapse of an Eating Disorder My own personal experience

My mouth is watering at the thought of saying so many things.

In this video (link in bio), I go over much of it: So many people struggle with disordered thoughts about food, and it’s perfectly normal to have a hard time healing. We deny that we have a problem for days and weeks and even years. It’s worth it to improve your health


Let’s normalize this situation, shall we? The aspects of us that are fierce and posed, as well as the ones that are soft, raw, and human, should be shared.

My first bikini was purchased by a woman who messaged me today.

To her, owning a dog was out of reach since she was too bouncy and ‘imperfect’.

Today, though, she came to the conclusion that she was mistaken. I saw her at a store. Almost every week, women bring up the subject of shorts with me. Concerning cellulite on their thighs In relation to their thigh dimples In addition to their inability to wear them. As a result, they are unable to wear shorts.


Since abs and swelling may occur on the same body, and angles can disguise cellulite and all of that is alright, I’ll join you. Because it’s hard work, I’d like to give a shoutout to all the ladies who are working on appreciating their bodies.


It’s the same chick. The next day. EXACTLY THE SAME WORTH. This is not the case on social media, however.

It is censored in the online world. It doesn’t matter if it’s TikTok, Twitter, or anywhere.

Each image is composed of great moments and poses that have been reshot and filtered until they exemplify the perfect. Forget about the endless supply of “perfect” bodies. As well as a great time with your significant other or a great time with your children. It’s not uncommon for someone else’s HIGHLIGHT REEL to include all of these things.


When it comes to BUMs, CELLULITE is a common component. Thin bums are attractive. It’s the juicy bums that make the difference in the world. It is what fitness freaks do. This is NOT a PROBLEM at all.

My DMs are constantly filled with messages from women who are convinced that they need to GET RID OF THEIR CELLULITE.

Diet and exercise will help them get rid of the dimples. The jiggles and wiggles are sometimes just part of what makes us unique. If you wear leggings, snap photos under a black light, or stand in particular poses, you may easily disguise it. Without a crease in sight, the peach is perfect.


This image was quite difficult for me to post. It’s quite difficult. Several times I was on the verge of quitting the campaign (just ask @waleedshah about all the phone calls. There is a lot of bloating in this picture, as well as stretch marks and other imperfections. Nevertheless. I’m the one in the middle. A human being with flaws and flaws but a will to succeed. The fact that I am a father makes me very happy.


When it comes to HEALTH, there’s no size. No, it isn’t just a number. And it’s certainly not an AESTHETIC either.

I wish I could go back in time and tell myself this when I was younger. The majority of my cellulite was removed when I was on a strict diet and exercise regimen. When it came to health, I didn’t give it a second thought.

So many of us experience the same thing when we get our GOALS mixed up in our heads. As a result of conflating WHAT REALLY MATTERS with what society has decided SHOULD BE. In light of this, I’d like for you to focus on WELLNESS rather than WEIGHT today. Instead of focusing on what your body should look like, consider what it CAN DO for you.


Sitting Edition: ONLINE vs. REALITY


My core is tense, my hips are pushed back, my bum is squeezed, my arm is raised, and my legs are pointing towards the camera. While it appears to be a bit crazy from the side, it is quite flattering.

PLUS I’m shooting at sunrise when the light is softer and more pleasing than it is during the day.


BEFORE and AFTER changes are so gosh darn easy to FAKE. And unscrupulous companies, like those peddling DIET TEAS or DIET JABS (the newest awful product to hit the market) often do exactly that. Things like teas that make you poo or SHOTS that mess up your body or medications that make your heart race.


In order to be worthy of LOVE, we don’t have to be PERFECT!

To learn this lesson, took me a long time.

The truth is, I am STILL learning this, in some ways.

Discovering the importance of being VULNERABLE in order to connect and the importance of being OURSELVES and not just the shining, glamorous version of a mask that we can pretend to be in order to connect.


On social media, we’re accustomed to seeing just the ‘good’ sides of the story. Only really reveal them to them.

The desire to look and feel FIERCE is part of the human condition, as is the need to feel HAPPY.

But today, I wanted to remind you of something: What do you notice on this page? Now, what do you see filling your newsfeed?

It’s hard to believe that there are so many fantastic workouts, foods, and individuals doing incredible things with their amazing partners in their amazing confined homes.

It’s been screened using a number of different methods. “Good angles” and crafted perfection are everywhere.


Social media has a tendency to strive for excellence. CHANGING THIS WILL REQUIRE US TO SPEAK OUT AND STAND TOGETHER Let’s normalize the bodies that are already normal. Come on, let’s show off the good and the bad. For our own benefit. Because of our dreams and anxieties Above all for one another.


A simple trick to fix SADDLEBAGS in a matter of seconds!

Or you can choose to ignore it. Either do it or don’t do it A simple pose (hips back, knees in, core tense, shoulders up) is all it takes. Just for a time, let’s forget about that.

SADDLEBAGS are on my mind.

I didn’t ask myself why.

Just like that, I KNEW.


Please raise your hands if you can relate!

My bloating, on the other hand, has been all over the place in recent weeks.

It’s partly because my period has arrived (hello period bloat! Water retention abounds. As a result of participating in a plant-based challenge this month, I’ve been consuming an excessive amount of vegetables. Part of it is me. It’s in my gut. In the middle of it all is my tummy. Still striving to understand and mend some parts of myself, but doing so with LOVE, KINDNESS, and FORGIVING.


Me / likewise me, since social media would be so much better if we didn’t worry so much about being perfect!

Just catching sunsets and having a good time with your friends


Are WEDGIES and standing in soft SHADOWS the key to getting great PICTURES?

That isn’t totally true, but it sure does get you halfway there. Buffie’s ideal influencer BELFIE is complete with hip popping and back arching.

If you look at photos of people wearing high-rise bikinis or brief bottoms, you’ll see that they’re really flattering. Due to obvious reasons, it’s CRAZY UNCOMFORTABLE, but perfect for those Instax snaps.

So! So there you have it! If you like, take several shots of yourself looking fierce. Store this knowledge of “Instagram vs. Reality” in your brain for when you’re tempted to play that dreadful social media comparison game again.