India Independence Day 2023 – August 15, 1947

by Tashia J. Hansen

When is India Independence Day 2023? 

India’s Independence Day reminds all the respectable citizens of the country of the uncountable sacrifices which the freedom fighters and their ancestors had to make to secure the country’s future. Since the independence of India from British Rule, the country has made stellar progress in every field of life and technology, including education, space programs, and the military sector. 

In this detailed article, we have explained everything you need to know about India’s Independence Day 2021! 

When is India Independence Day 2023? 

Indians across the nation will be proudly commemorating India’s independence from British Rule (often known as the British Raj) by celebrating its 75th Independence Day on 15th August 2021. However, this year, with a slight twist due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. There will be no big social gatherings, instead, all states and government offices have announced to webcast their events and celebrations. 

Even the grand gathering at the Red Fort, where the national flag of India is hoisted every year on Independence Day will be limited. In lieu of the precautions taken and suggested by the government, there will be no grand performances with the military band either. Ideally what happens is that the Indian citizens across the country sing and dance enthusiastically to patriotic songs, hoist their tricolor flag, and recite the national poems, remembering all the sacrifices of India’s freedom fighters.

History of India Independence Day: 

For over 200 years, Indians suffered due to the domination of the British colonizers, beginning in 1757. Their control over the subcontinent was gained by the victory of the British East India Company at the Battle of Plassey. 

The Indian National Day moment took place during World War I, led by the great Mahatma Gandhi. He staunchly advocated the freedom movement by opting for noncooperation and a nonviolent method of protest, after which the civil disobedience moment began. 

After relentlessly long freedom campaigns and struggles for their right to independence, India’s struggle paid off finally when Britain weakened after the two massive World Wars and began thinking of ending its rule in the subcontinent, in 1947. The British government announced that all the powers will be handed over to India by 1948. 

However, the continuing tension and ferocity between the Muslims and the Hindus of India led were leading to a civil war and even more chaos. After tireless efforts of the Indian Muslims to get freedom and their own separate land, India was partitioned into two separate states. 

A partition plan came into action and was presented by Lord Mountbatten, the then Viceroy of India. This plan was agreed to by both the Muslim League and the Hindu Congress. The world maps changed forever and amid this struggle for freedom, more than 500,000 people died on both sides. 

India attained independence at midnight. on August 15, 1947, and was marked by Jawaharlal Nehru’s famous address, “Tryst with destiny“. 

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Traditions of the special day: 

India’s Independence Day is considered a national holiday in the country, which the whole nation celebrates every year with utmost pride and excitement. The joy and happiness on the faces of all Indian citizens on this special day are truly wonderful to watch. The roads are embellished with tricolor flags and ribbons, celebrating to pay a mark of respect to all the freedom fighters due to whom we are breathing in this free land today. 

Everywhere, you will see people hoisting the national flag with excitement and love. You’ll see houses lit up with beautiful lights, flags hung up on private and government organizations, in cities, and in Villages. This day is celebrated each year with enthusiasm and utmost happiness. Schools and colleges also celebrate this special day by hoisting flags and singing national poems on their premises. 

A Vibrant Parade: 

A special speech is delivered by the Prime Minister of India on this day, followed by the March past by divisions of the Indian Military forces and paramilitary forces. Parades and pageants are organized on this day, showcasing the remarkable success and struggle for independence by the freedom fighters, as well as portraying the cultural values and traditions of India. 

A collaborative parade is organized where India’s armed competencies by the three forces and patriotic dramas and skits by school students are showcased. This is an integral part of India’s Independence Day celebration. 

Red Fort Ceremony: 

On the eve of this special day, the President of India gives the “Address to the Nation”. It is a televised address that is accessible to the entire nation. On 15th August, each year, the Prime Minister of India proudly hoists the tricolor Flag of India on the ramparts of the historical monument Red Fort in Delhi. 

Then, twenty-one gunshots are fired in order to honor the solemn occasion. During the Prime Minister’s speech, he/she highlights the achievement of the Indian government during the past years, raises some important issues, and addresses the future development plans for the nation. A tribute is paid to the leaders and ancestors of the freedom fighters that are the true reason why we are enjoying the fruit of this independent land today. 

At last, the Indian National Anthem is sung and the event is concluded. Similar events and parades are organized in different parts of the country, as well as in the state capital, where the Chief Ministers of individual states hoist the honorable national flag of India. 

Cultural Programs and exciting activities: 

Several cultural programs and exciting parades take place in different parts of the country on this special day. Government and non-government institutions around India host such programs to express their gratitude to the freedom fighters, who sacrificed their lives for their country. On this prestigious day, we mark the day with cultural programs, flag hoisting ceremonies, and the distribution of sweets. We celebrate this day with utmost joy and in a mood of delight. 

Students can be seen taking part in parades where the national flag of India is hoisted and poems are sung to lift the spirit of other students while chanting “Vande Mataram”. Patriotic movies and drama serials are broadcasted on TV channels each year on this day and they continuously play patriotic poems and songs to instill the spirit of independence. 

The Prime Minister of India can also be seen promoting the traditions and celebrations of this Day by giving a special speech to the Indian Nation. A march-past is also organized with the Indian Army, with is shown live on national television. In some cities of India, such as New Delhi, kite flying is observed to celebrate the event with enthusiasm. Citizens are seen wearing tricolor clothes and wristbands, and decorate their houses and cars with the national flag. Major government and private buildings in India are often adorned with strings of lights and tricolor flags. 

Kite Flying: 

People of India love to fly beautiful kites on this special day. In fact, flying kites have a reversed place in the country because it is a symbol of Independence Day. Even if you are not in India to celebrate the day, just head out to the nearest beach or the roof of your house and unfurl the brightest-colored kite you own, in honor of India’s Independence Day. 

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India Independence Day in the upcoming years: 

2021August 15Sunday
2022August 15Monday 
2023August 15Tuesday 
2024August 15 Thursday 
2025August 15 Friday 
2026August 15Saturday 
2027 August 15 Sunday 

Why is India Independence Day so important? 

Independence Day in India is a national holiday that is celebrated each day with pride and patriotism each year on the 15th of August. This day marks the end of British rule and the establishment of a free and independent nation. This day also marks the anniversary of the partition of the Indo-Pak subcontinent that divided into two free separate states, India and Pakistan, in 1947. This occurred at midnight on August 14-15 in 1947. India’s Independence Day is marked throughout the nation with flag-raising ceremonies, drills, firecrackers, and singing of the National Anthem of India. 

Additionally, various cultural programs and events are organized in the state capitals. After the Prime Minister of India participates in the flag-raising ceremony at the Red Fort monument in Old Delhi, a military parade ensues with members of the national police and the armed forces. Then, the Prime Minister delivers a televised address to the nation, recounting all the major accomplishments of India amid the period years and outlining the future goals and challenges with an enthusiastic flair. Kite Flying has also become a great tradition of India’s Independence Day, with beautiful kites of various shapes and sizes filling the sky. To commemorate the special day, government offices in New Delhi remain lit the entire day, even though they are closed. 

Independence Day is considered so important to the Indian nation/elders because they think it is important to teach their ‘little ones’ the value of being able to live in an independent country. Not only does this activity help our children develop and grow, but it even fosters them to be patriotic, creative thinkers, competent competitors, and confident to face the world. It gives the nation the freedom to experience life to the fullest and learn its many pivotal lessons. 

Some facts about India Independence Day: 

  • India was named after the River Indus. 
  • It has been independent for 74 years. India will celebrate its 75th Independence Day on 15th August 2021, this year. 
  • India has 14 full-time Prime Ministers, out of which one is a female Prime Minister. 
  • Mahatma Gandhi, the person who led the freedom movement wasn’t able to celebrate the first Independence Day in Delhi. 
  • The National Flag of India was designed by one of the freedom fighters, Pingali Venkayya.
  • The National Anthem of India was adopted three years of post-independence. 

Independence Day Celebration Ideas: 

It is a proud moment for all the Indian citizens as they approach the 75th Independence Day this August.  This yearly event is significant in Indian history, and it is commemorated to honor our valiant fighters and historical leaders who triumphed over the odds. 

On this special day, schools usually hold tons of interesting activities regarding Independence Day and several fun activities that help the children learn more about this proud day. The main activities which we see around the nation’s schools include the Independence Day painting and art competitions, singing the national anthem and poems, group reading tons of interesting history storybooks, and a lot more. 

Do you want to try out something new this year but are running out of ideas to make the day even more special? 

Take a look at some of interesting India’s Independence Day activities and celebration ideas that will impart the freedom spirit in kids: 

Hoisting the National Flag: 

Hoisting the beautiful tricolor flag of India is the first and foremost activity people do at any National Day event. This kicks off the rest of the celebrations of this festive day. In fact, some people think that the day is incomplete without this proud moment of hoisting their national flag. It is very common to sing the national anthem together while hoisting the flag to trigger a sense of spirit in the kids. 

Show a patriotic film: 

In schools, it is considered a great idea to show a patriotic movie on the big screen in school halls and auditoriums via projectors. Try choosing a movie that includes most of the significant incidents that paved India’s way to freedom and a movie that truly represents the spirit of fraternity in achieving the goals. 

After the patriotic movie ends, you can ask the students their viewpoints or understanding of the film. It can be a great way to instill the kids patriotic spirit and love. 

 Vande Mataram Fest: 

The “Vande Mataram” poem has great importance on India’s Independence Day as we all know how our country’s freedom fighters got motivated and inspired by this beautiful creation all through their struggle for freedom. 

The uniqueness of this incredible poem is its versatility and it is truly eye-watering. A festival can be arranged where all the kids can form a small group to perform on Vande Mataram. It can include all the activities in the poem, including the vocal skills, showing a dance performance, or a drama that can grace the occasion. Parents can also be invited to praise their kids for their efforts, as it will also give them a great opportunity to feel proud of their children. 

Independence Day Theme Party: 

Just like any other special event, arranging a theme party helps to get an overall feel of the occasion. The arrangement of this day. Theme Party can inspire some color combinations from the national flag or related symbols to make the theme more beautiful. 

The organizers of the theme party can take an effort to make the food menu based on the themes by adding some tricolor food items. Games can be made a part of the festive day and the winners may be presented with the national flag and some goodies. You can even arrange some theme-based competitions where the students can work in groups to make it a success. 

T-shirt Painting: 

It is quite common during Independence Day celebrations to see young students and teachers come up in costumes that are based on the tricolor. However, most of them are from shops and kids are eager to purchase the best designs each year. 

Instead of buying a ready-made shirt from the market, you can try to paint a white t-shirt with the tricolor. The personalized t-shirt of every kid through hand-made effort can add more thrill and excitement and will make Independence Day even more special for the little ones. Give the kids an idea about what they have to do and you’ll be surprised to see how creative the students are when you provide them with such entertaining opportunities. 

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India Independence Day Quotes:

  • “Freedom of mind is the real freedom. A person whose mind is not free though he may not be in chains is a slave, not a free man. One whose mind is not free, though he may not be in prison, is a prisoner and not a free man. One whose mind is not free though alive is no better than dead. Freedom of mind is the proof of one’s existence” by BR Ambedkar.
  • “Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil me hai, dekhna hai zor kitna baazu-e-qaatil me hai” by Ramprasad Bismil.
  • “Don’t see others doing better than you beat your own records every day, because success is a fight between you and yourself” by Chandra Shekhar Azad.
  • “So long as you do not achieve social liberty, whatever freedom is provided by the law is of no avail to you” by BR Ambedkar.
  • “Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living?” by Mahatma Gandhi.

Best Independence Day Movies: 

Bollywood has created several well-made patriotic movies for their nation that can instill pride and emotion for our country and its great protectors. The fill industry has succeeded in making such films that highlighted the valor and courage of the freedom fighters of India through the wonderful cinema that will prove to be a great watch on India’s Independence Day 2021! 

Down below are the 5 best Independence Day Movies to Watch: 

  • Kesari: 
  • India’s Most Wanted
  • Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi
  • Gunjan Saxena
  • URI: The Surgical Strike

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When will be the 75th Independence Day celebrated in India?

India will celebrate its 75th Independence Day this year, i.e. 15 August 2021. 

Q2. Why does India celebrate its Independence Day on 15th August?

History says that the last Viceroy of India, Mr. Lord Mountbatten is the reason why Indians celebrate their National Day on 15th August each year. 

Q3. Which is the Royal City of India?

Jaipur is considered the Royal City of India.

Q4: Who designed the tricolor flag of India? 

The National Flag of India was designed by one of the freedom fighters, Pingali Venkayya.1947

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