Every Couple Can Relate To These 20 Illustrations That Show Unspoken Aspects Of True Love.

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We put most of our hearts into little things and little details of life that make our moments beautiful. Moreover, such moments are the ones that bring the broadest smile to our loved ones’ faces.

Artist Amanda Oleander is based in Los Angeles but it seems that she knew these joyful moments of love more than any other person. From her own as well as others’ experience of love, she illustrated a series depicting “No one is watching” moments. Through her comical illustrations, she shows behind-the-curtain moments we share with our loved ones. 

Long Hair –  Don’t Care:

Men must have the worst cuddling experience as they have to deal with our long hair for the whole night. However, they love this struggle.

  1. No Shave November:

It’s not easy to shave your legs daily as it requires effort and dries your skin as well. However, it doesn’t look the same to men.

  1. Cuddling While Cooking:

Do you ever want to spend some time snuggling but instead find yourself cooking? So you activate your multi-tasker self and do both. No doubt, it is adorable – however, it is nowhere even close to efficient.

  1. Personal Favors:

Relationships have a way to make you feel close to each other. Close enough to do each other’s gross favors as well.

5. Melting in Bed:

 Don’t understand how come boys are so warm at night. It is better in winter of course.

6. No More Video Games:

It’s not easy to have a video game lover and his attention as well. Sometimes you have to go to extremes to get it. However, it’s quite funny to think of it.

7. Gentle Touch:

Women, especially those who took good care of their bodies, are good massagers. So what is cooler than having a good massage after a long working day.

        8. Busy Bee:

As there is so much to do these days, young couples who are in love should be multi-taskers. However, they sometimes do control this – as it’s so expensive out there.

9. Pedicure Time:

Men who do your nails are the best. So put your macho behavior aside and activate your soft side maybe for a while. 

10. Dog is our Baby:

Some people love their dogs as they are their kids and even carry them in strollers. But what else would you want other than loving someone who loves you back? RIght?

11. Hug Time:

Hugging is another language of love as everything feels right when you hug your significant other. Moreover, It makes the two hearts come into a physical connection with each other.

12. Morning Breath:

Neither do you want to go brushing right after waking up nor do you want to miss out on the morning kiss – What trouble.

13. Best Pillow in the World:

Women are alluring enough that men sometimes just want to snuggle up with them or some part of them.

14. Dog is Watching:

It’s hard to do the dirty deeds if the dog is watching. You can’t know if they know what’s happening. Like, stay off, please!

15. Our Side:

Men can’t understand that they cannot escape cuddles. You are moving towards the edge, she will do the same.

16. Conversations that are uncomfortable:

You cannot draw lines of what’s okay in couples. Everyone has their unique definition of  “okay”. However, I can’t be this much comfortable with anyone.

17. Fit Perfectly Together:

Two people, who are perfect to each other, attract each other like a magnet.

18. One More Grey Hair:

The most unpleasant part of aging is grey hairs. They are sometimes a cause of stress. So, try to relax or maybe do some exercise to release and put off the stress.

19. Greetings in excitement:

Girlfriends are as excited to see you as pets. They take you like the whole world and cannot restrain their love and affection.

20. Together Time:

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you can be together. Being together makes you happy. That’s how true love works. Amanda Oleander knows love like some love expert and she left nothing to express it in as creative a way as possible.

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