How To Do Bitcoin Trading? – Top 5 Strategies To Win Every Trade Of Bitcoin

by heatfeed
How To Do Bitcoin Trading

You will be glad to know that there are limitless ways of making a profit by trading bitcoin. The trading strategies will help you organize all those techniques into the perfect framework you can follow while trading. In this way, you can easily monitor and optimize the best bitcoin trading strategy. In addition, it would help if you learned that the two main types of school of thought that you should consider while building the trading strategy are the fundamental analysis and the technical analysis. 

There are a lot of trading strategies, but here in this article, we will discuss those overall strategies. First of all, you should know what a trading strategy is. Well, it is a plan for all the trading activities that a trader does. It is a framework on which the traders work for their trading endeavors. The trading plan can also help mitigate the financial risk because it reduces plenty of unnecessary decisions. Knowing about the trading strategies while trading bitcoin over can prove to be life-saving.

Day trading!

Trading is one of the best-known active trading strategies. Some people think that all the active bitcoin traders are day traders, but it is a misconception. Day trading is the strategy that involves entering and exiting a position on the very same day. In such a way, the day traders aim for capitalizing on the price movements which occur intraday. 

It means the price movement is happening within one day of trading. We all know that the bitcoin trading platform is available 24 x 7, so day trading is not precisely trading bitcoin in the day. But it is the term for the short-term trading style. In this trading strategy, the traders enter and exit the position within 24 hours. These traders make use of the price action and the technical analysis for formulating the trading ideas. 

Swing trading!

Swing trading is a longer-term trading strategy in which the traders hold the position for a long time but not longer than a few weeks or one month. We can say that swing trading is the strategy that exists between the day trading strategy and the trend trading strategy. The swing traders try to get the advantage of the volatility of bitcoin. You should know that swing traders use technology and the fundamental factors for formulating trade ideas. It is one of the most convenient active trading strategies for newbies. 

Trend trading!

Trend trading is the strategy in which the traders hold the position for a more extended period. This period is a few months. As you can know by the name of this trading strategy, the trend traders always try to take advantage of the trends. They enter the long position in the time of uptrend and the short position when there is a downtrend. This trader assumes that bitcoin will keep mobbing in the direction of the trend. Doing the trend of bitcoin trading with due diligence and risk management strategies is ideal for beginner traders.


It is a quicker trading strategy than all the other bitcoin trading strategies. It is because the scalpers don’t take advantage of the big movies or the trends. Scalping is the strategy that mainly focuses on exploiting the small moves again and again. The scalpers have no aim for holding their position for an extended period. You can even see the scalper opening and closing their position in just seconds also. It is a lucrative strategy if the trader can find the market inefficient, which happens repeatedly. Every time it happens, you can also make small profits that can add up over time. It is the kind of bitcoin trading strategy which is ideal for highly liquid markets. 

Well, you should keep one thing in mind that scalping is a very advanced trading strategy. So, it is not at all recommended to the beginner trader because of its complexity. It also needs a very deep understanding of the bitcoin market mechanism. In addition, scalping is way more suitable for the more prominent bitcoin traders. If you follow this trading strategy with an enormous amount, then the probability of making a higher amount of profit will increase for sure.