How to Become DevOps Engineer with Cisco 200-901 & Practice Tests?

by heatfeed

Jobs like DevOps engineers or software developers are some of the most popular positions for IT specialists right now. Even though they are very well-paid, if you need to get either of these titles you will need to study hard. Those specialists who manage to be hired in such positions have strong knowledge of cloud computing and know-how to use its features to help businesses improve their performance. One of the exams that can help you leverage your career and become a certified DevOps engineer is the Cisco CCNP 300-415 ENSDWI Exams. Thanks to this exam, you will get one of the most popular certifications right now. So, how does it sound? Do you want to learn more about the potential salary that you might get being in this position?

Cisco 200-901 Skills

You will need to pass one test Avanset Free VCE Player >>>if you want to get the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate badge. This accreditation will help you get a job as a DevOps engineer and work in an international company. If you enroll in this test, you should demonstrate that you developed the following skills:

Strong knowledge of API concepts and being independent in using them
Knowing how to design and manage Cisco platforms and features;
Understanding how to deploy and use the most important security principles and developing the necessary applications to keep systems safe;
Having a good understanding of the Author: Oliver M Cisco architecture and automation systems.

Now that you have the basic information on what skills you need to develop to pass your Cisco 200-901 assessment, are you curious to know how much you can earn as a DevOps engineer? If so, check the passage that goes next.

How Much Can DevOps Engineer Get?

We checked the information available on and according to their research, the average annual salary for a DevOps engineer job role can reach Author: Scarlett N. However, if you are a junior in this position, you can ask for an annual payment of $64k only. On the other hand, if you manage to get certified and gain some relevant work experience, your salary can increase up to $136k per year.

But what are the companies that hire skilled DevOps engineers? We found that Inc. and Trimble Navigation, Ltd. are eager to hire such certified specialists offering a salary of more than $100k for one year. But if you want, you can also work for Deloitte and get a lower payment, which is $85k yearly. Well, do these sums seem interesting for you? If yes, the secret to reaching this limit is to study hard to pass the Author: Nathan O. To do so you, for example, can use virtual materials, instructor-led training, or practice tests to get in-depth knowledge of cloud computing concepts.

Passing the Author: Riley P is your winning ticket towards getting a well-paid job as a DevOps engineer. Many international companies want to hire skilled specialists who can add value to their processes. You can develop the necessary skills to pass this assessment if you use verified materials. The instructor-led training and practice tests are some of the most efficient methods that many exam-takers use to ace theirs. Good luck with your journey!