How Much Money Can I Make With a Security+ Certification?

by heatfeed

The first information security certification that an IT professional typically needs to obtain is Security+. If you can convince prospective employers that you have the crucial skills required for a cybersecurity role, you might find more job openings as desirable candidate. Professionals in cybersecurity who have earned the Security+ certification can handle security incidents as well as just identify them. There are a variety of rewarding and lucrative career paths available in IT security.

What Does Security+ Certification Mean?

Security+ certification is an international professional credential. It is provided to IT professionals who want to earn an IT security certification. Although many people do not seek certification for a lucrative career, there are multiple ways that a CompTIA Security+ certification can help you earn more money. It will include things like:

  • Make a strong case for yourself to be the top applicant for entry-level cybersecurity positions.
  • Employers will pay attention to you if you can demonstrate your skills with a global and sector-wide endorsement.
  • Confirm to yourself that you are proficient in the newest techniques and ideas that form the basis of a career in cybersecurity.

What does the exam cover?

There is a good reason why the CompTIA Security+ certification is the most appreciated among cybersecurity experts. The keys to passing a CompTIA certification exam are high-quality and updated CompTIA Security+ SY0-601exam dumps. It focuses on practical security skills that can be applied in six key areas. 

You will acquire a wide range of practical knowledge and skills necessary to manage actual security situations as a result of your exam preparation. The domains and subjects covered on the test are listed below:

  1. Threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities.

It includes social engineering attacks, recent denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and flaws discovered in embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

  1. Architecture and design

Enterprise, cloud, and hybrid environments should be the main focus.

  1. Implementation 

This field includes subjects like Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), cryptography, end-to-end security, and identity and access management.

  1. Operations and incident response

This exam component will test your knowledge of threat detection, security controls, risk mitigation, and digital forensics.

  1. Governance, risk, and compliance

A few crucial risk and compliance regulations to be aware of are HIPAA, GDPR, SOC, NIST, CCPA, FISMA, and PCI-DSS.

Is the Security+ certification worth it?

The Security+ exam frequently necessitates a time and financial commitment to pass. Your personal career goals will affect the return on your investment. Having a certification like Security+ on your resume could give you an advantage when applying for jobs if you are interested in a career in cybersecurity.  

However, there may be additional advantages as well. You can improve your cybersecurity skills and gain confidence in how well you can deal with security threats in the real world by simply preparing for the exam. You can ace your CompTIA Security+ exam with the help of study resources from Spoto.  

How Much Can I Make with Security+ Certification?

The growing field of cyber security continues to need qualified professionals. Market analysts predict that the global cybersecurity market will increase from $170 billion in 2017 to $202 billion in 2023.   

There are various cybersecurity positions available, and they each have different salaries. Here are a few job titles currently listed on LinkedIn that ask for or require this certification, along with the average yearly salary for those positions in the United States.

  • SOC analyst: $99,815
  • Systems administrator: $81,628
  • Vulnerability analyst: $102,504
  • Database administrator: $84,213
  • Cybersecurity consultant: $106,523
  • Information security analyst: $89,669
  • Information systems architect: $146,149
  • Cyber threat hunter: $89,361

Wrap Up

Getting Security+ is a big success. It might also be the start of a protracted career in cybersecurity. As you progress in the field, you may want to get more certifications to boost your marketability for better employment opportunities. Get the Security+ certificate to increase your income and establish a reputation in the cybersecurity industry.