Women List How Men Helped Them During Their Pregnancy (15 Stories)

by heatfeed

Pregnancy is a crucial time for a woman. It creates different changes in physical and emotional states. It is a time when a woman wants strong support – because she carries a life in her body.

Strong support could be from her mother or other relatives. But the support of her better half, brothers, and father make her warrior spend this difficult time with courage. 

Here are some stories of how men helped women in their pregnancies.

Let’s start

1- Brothers for life

The lady shares her experience in pregnancy. She said pre and postpartum depression is very common in ladies and during covid the ratio of depression among pregnant women increases. She shares that her brothers have done whatever possible to make her happy and relaxed. One of her brothers takes care of her essential diet.

2- Helping life partner

A woman said last year was a difficult one in her life. She had faced miscarriage and covid depression. But her husband helps her out of this. He has done house chores and did what could make her comfy and cozy. 

3- Dad the superhero

Father is a support, hero, and role model for her daughter. Her father supports her throughout her pregnancy period to make her convenient. The thing a father can do for her daughter no other man can.

4- Supporting husband

Once a lady shared that her husband is very supportive in every matter. He shared that once she got ill in his brand car. He took her home and helped her a lot.

5- A caring husband 

A new mother is sharing her depressing story. Her baby is not letting her sleep all night. In the morning, she woke up crying and the mother said I started crying too. Her husband was getting ready for his office but he calmed her down and helped her to let the baby sleep.

6- Embarrassing moment handled beautifully

The girl has a problem. She has shortness of breath while flying and it causes vomit. The same has happened that day. She said it is one of the most heart-touching moments that I can’t forget. He cleaned up the mess with his shirt and made the situation less embarrassing.

7- Blessed Life Partner

A lady said she is suffering from sleepless nights which is very common after the first baby. But, having a supportive and lovely husband is a blessing in disguise. 

8- Caring Brother and Father

A sister is telling her story that in the last days of pregnancy she is taking a drink that would help in her labor. Her brother made her that tea daily. Not only a husband but having a supportive brother is also a blessing.

9- Strong Bond in Strong Moments

Labor is a painful period of pregnancy. But, having someone at the side makes it a supportive and strong moment. Same her husband does.

10- Power Couple in Hard Times

When someone is at the side in a difficult situation the difficulty gets easier. In the difficult time when a woman is mentally ready for normal labor, the doctor in-process order for C-section is such a tough situation.

11- A Life Partner Who Lift her up in Difficult Times

Home chores are such a difficult task in pregnancy and when a lower disc slipped it is such a painful tragedy. But, with some helping hands in the house, it becomes a lot easier.

12- No Care Boundaries for Loved Ones

A man can also have fears like a woman. But, they face them with a great heart. As mentioned in the post, a man has a blood phobia but he stood by his wife throughout the labor, and his wife wondering how?

13- Parents – A True Blessing 

Parents are the greatest blessing of our life. Nobody loves and takes care of us like our parents. In the picture above the daughter is sharing her words and puts a throwback memory of when her mother was expecting her father to do the chores of the house and helped her mother a lot. She said her father never changed and he is doing that stuff till now.

14- A Constant Support Connecting Souls

Pregnancy is a tragic process and when you are out of your comfort zone it becomes more difficult. The lady was in a foreign country and her labor process started where her husband supported the decision of c- section there.

15- Not Only Caring Husband But Caring Father

As we are beloved to our parents, our child is beloved to us. Here is an example, the mother shared that her husband did all the stuff for the baby after his birth and he gives me a relaxing time. The way he talked with the baby was the most lovely scene I ever saw in my life.