Amazing Remote Tactics That Will Help You Hire The Right Person For The Job

by heatfeed

The pandemic has been around for over a year now. At least it’s good that many nations are starting to recover. It’s not just people who are benefitting from the rise of recoveries and vaccinations, businesses are also starting to operate back to their normal ways as well. 

Although operations are back to near normal, some business owners are probably going to retain the practices and habits they’ve picked up when the pandemic was still at its peak.

At the height of the pandemic, many governments had to force business owners to close down. Some businesses did close their doors, but those that could has begun to implement remote work for their workers. It was a great way to keep the business operational and their workers supplemented with a paying job.

The thing is that now, business owners have seen the merits of a remote setup. It’s better for the workers since they no longer have to travel. For the business owners, the benefit is that they can continue operating their line of work, regardless of whether or not there’s a lockdown.

While proceeding with daily operations is possible thanks to the emergence of collaboration and industry-specific solutions, what can be hard for business owners is getting new recruits for their companies. Every business benefits from having to let its applicants undergo a rigorous selection process before getting hired.

As we’ve said though, a lot has been learned during the past year. One of the lessons is that you can still find formidable employees even if your hiring process is done remotely. Here are a few amazing tactics to hire the right people.

Review Their Documents Ahead Of Time

Now, this is a must even in the standard application setting. Make sure to read through the documents of your applicants long before the interview. This includes their resume, portfolio, application form, and many others. This also means checking through their work history and personal background if necessary.

Since this is a remote hiring process we are talking about, you won’t be able to interact with the applicant directly. As such, you need to take your time and review their documents long before the interview. This helps you set up the right questions for your applicant.

The documents should be sent online. As much as you’d like to have your applicant hand their documents personally, this is the nature of remote hiring after all. The longest part of the process is when you verify government IDs and documents. However, these are very necessary to don’t do it half-heartedly.

Give Applicants Freedom Of Scheduling Choice When Hiring

One of the great things about working remotely is that you mostly have a lot of time on your hands. People greatly appreciate it when their employers actually take the necessary steps to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts abound on both ends of the process.

As such, it’s often best to give your applicants the freedom of choice when it comes to hiring. Instead of scheduling them for the next part of the hiring process, let your applicants pick their own schedule. This prevents any scheduling conflicts. Moreover, you are giving your applicant the capacity to pick a time they are comfortable with when applying.

Giving them the choice to pick their own schedule also prevents those long back-and-forth emails about who is available when. You also know that you are getting the best version of the applicant as they have the right time to prepare. Ideally, you’d want to take only one applicant per hour so that you can focus on each of them.

Don’t Forget To Send Reminders And Be Clear About Everything

Although they have picked the schedule themselves, it wouldn’t hurt to remind your applicant about the upcoming interview. Platforms like Zoom and Google Meet can automatically remind both parties about the upcoming appointment. If you aren’t using any of these, make sure to remind them manually.

The last thing you’d want is to have a no-show during the interview. It’s important that you are both on the same page when it comes to interviewing. Tell them what they need to prepare for the interview. Their documents, portfolio – anything that can help with their application.

Most importantly, tell them if there’s a dress code for the interview. Although it’s done online, it’s only common courtesy that you and your applicant look presentable on camera.

Use Digital Solutions

The key to surviving the digital age is simple – use digital solutions! There are various tools that can help companies cope with the changes brought about by the remote environment. There are tools used to allow workers to collaborate with one another. There are also some tools that can be used for conferencing.

Of course, there are also tools that can help streamline the application of new hires remotely. This is one of your best options for your company so far.

These tools are used to prevent the common problems that occur during the hiring process. For instance, it can help you process electronic I-9 verification remotely. A lot of business owners have problems when doing such sensitive tasks online, but these onboarding tools make the job easier.

Investing in tools that allow you to streamline the hiring process digitally is one of the best purchases you can make for your business. It basically braces your company for the future which is remote working. There are many merits to using solutions like these, but there are a few problems that could stem from it as well.

When using such tools, make sure to allow your workforce to familiarize themselves with the solution slowly. Do not try to force them to learn about the solution. Digital transformation takes time and most of the work will be on your end who will provide the appropriate training for them.

When getting digital solutions, you need to take the process slowly and let your workers acclimate to using the tool. Even if it’s just for hiring employees remotely, it’s still a tool that can be used the best if your HR knows how to handle it as efficiently as possible.

Don’t limit yourself to onboarding and hiring solutions too. Try out other digital solutions. For instance, conferencing tools like Zoom and Skype give you and your applicants a good means to communicate with one another directly. Establishing connections is a must during the hiring process to make sure to use these as well.

If you prefer giving tests during hiring, then Google Docs will allow you to keep track of your applicant’s progress as he goes on with the test. Alternatively, you can also use screen-sharing solutions as well. However, we prefer Google Docs as it offers no privacy concerns as compared to screen-sharing solutions.

There’s a world of solutions that can help you not just in your daily operations, but also in your hiring process. Make sure to invest in these tools as they can provide you with a ton of benefits.

Provide Them A Run Down Of Their Tasks

The common problem that remote workers have is that they don’t really know what to expect from the company that hired them. Since the team leader is far off to guide them personally, it can be challenging to acclimate themselves to the regular flow of their daily tasks.

One practice that most companies do for their remote applicants nowadays is that they give them a complete rundown of the daily tasks that entails the job. This has a lot of benefits for the applicant. For one, it helps them understand the weight of the work and whether or not they can handle it.

Another is that doing this also prepares them for the work ahead. A complete rundown of the tasks includes a detailed schedule of their day-to-day tasks. It also involves proper guidance on the tools and solutions that they are going to use while working with you.

This is a typical practice that’s done once the person has been hired. However, since this is remote work we are talking about, you should let them know this ahead of being hired.  It can be tough for them during their first day, so you are doing them a huge favor by helping them out early on.

Let The Interviewer Follow A Standard Flow For The Conversation

The good thing about remote hiring is that the applicant is in a comfortable position. The interviewee will be in a comfortable space too. This allows both to feel less tension which is common during job interviews. The problem though is that the interviews tend to get too laid back.

When both the interviewee and the interviewer feel comfortable, they can both end up unnecessarily prolonging the interview process. As such, it’s best to provide the interviewer with a flow that they can follow. This helps them stay on track while being able to maximize the time they have for the interview.

It’s important to have a flow because it prevents the interviewer from forgetting to get the necessary details about the applicant. While letting them converse in a comfortable manner is good, it’s still important that they know that they are in a professional setting.

This means making sure that both employees and employers understand the etiquette of online interviews as well. The right people for your company are going to take the extra steps to ensure that they look as presentable as possible during the interview.

Have Them View Your Office 

Although they are going to be working remotely, it would still be appropriate to show your new hire your office. This helps them get a feel of you as an employer and the feel of the company as a professional space. Most importantly, it helps them see whether or not they see a future in your business.

The good news is that conducting online room tours is possible thanks to the emergence of online solutions. Giving them a virtual tour of the office is recommended, but this can be a bit expensive. As such, providing them with videos and photos of the office is a good alternative as well.

You can also show off how the daily workflow of the company is. Since the applicant can’t see the process directly, they should at least get a feel of what it’s like to work in your company just in case they go from remote to office-based. This brings us to an important part of getting a remote worker.

The problem that most remote workers have is that they feel like they don’t belong in a company. This is why it’s important that you let them see the office and the daily operations of the company. This helps give them a better connection with the brand even if they work remotely.

Don’t Rush The Process

A remote interview may seem challenging at first and so is remote hiring. However, if you know what to do and understand the tools at your disposal, you can actually find the best people for the open positions at your job. It will be like you’ve met them personally as well.

It’s important that you don’t rush the application process especially when it comes to remote hiring. It’s challenging most likely because work relationships are built on trust. It can be challenging if you have to establish this trust online. Sure enough, your applicants will understand the reason for a slower but more focused hiring process.

This means having them go through a few interviews, going through their documents again and again, and most importantly, it also involves getting to know them better. These will ensure that you are hiring a dedicated and loyal remote worker for your company.

These remote tactics are simple but they are effective. You can employ these tactics during your next hiring, and you’ll see the difference in the applicants you hire. Remote work is a great way to continue operations despite challenges. With the right people, you are going to be operating as normally as possible even remotely.