Hacks That Can Make Your Life Essay

by Tashia J. Hansen

In our daily life, almost every person faces the most unwanted situation which can irritate you and also waste our time but thank God some people create some hacks to solve those problems. 

Here we will discuss some hacks that can help you out to solve your irritating problems.

Table of Contents

Use bobby pins to untie the stuck knot.

If you always lost nails and nuts while working so try this Hack. 

If you want to inform others how coffee is fresh use disposable glass as Clock.

It actually works just try it.

Reuse Pringles can for other Snakes it will keep snake fresh and you can avoid loud voice of packet in office or School. 

If you want the feelings of Natural light in a basement where there is no window, you must try this hack. Just use old windows, paint them and fix LED lights in windows. 

He made it pretty. The man got a bleach splattered on his T. and then he decided to fix it and made it so Cool. 

Got Her Spayed And The Vet Didn’t Have Cones Small Enough

If you are earphone lover and always confuse in right and left. Just change the one rubber color of headphone. 

Is it cool and helpful at the same time? To manage cables, you must try this hack.

She uses this technique while cooking with oil. It is weird but may be helpful for her.

Manage you work like this.

If you want perfect hand sewing use the scale like this. It’s a brilliant idea isn’t it?

When you want to remember placement and order try this hack. Just punch the screw for remembrance. 

You can label the drawers by actual hardware

Lol! May be it will work.

If you want tiny tweezers try this hack. Take 3 coins and assemble them like this. It actually works.

To save money try this hack. Hat is $19 and the anti scratch cone is $50.

Use this modern safety accessory. If you really don’t want to share your laptop screen while browsing.

Instead Of Buying Those Plastic Chair Mats, Bought a Box of Laminate Flooring Smooth Planks. It Feels Sturdy Chair Rolls So Smooth.

If you do not want to hold your mobile phone while watching movie during flight try this hack. 

This post gives me a new hidden technique.

If you do not want tears while cutting onions, wear Ski Goggles.

Use a fork when grating the last bite of veggie. It will avoid possible injury. 

Have an urgent meeting and have no suit? This hack can solve your problem. 

Is it really helpful?

The horse has an infection in his eye. The bra solves the problem.

One hack can solve two problems. Dogs will Drink water and water your tiny garden.

You can avoid insects by using a stocking sock.  Cover the Drain with socks and no insect can enter the house. 

If you feel pain in the back of your ears this hack can solve the problem. Take a headband and sew a buttons 

To keep the chips fresh, close the packet like this. It will keep the snake fresh.

If it’s been a while since you’ve bought new shoes, try placing 2-3 tea bags inside each shoe overnight to refresh them.

If your new shoes are too snug at first, here’s a good way to stretch them out and make them more comfortable. Stuff each shoe with wet newspaper and let it dry. Then remove the paper, taking care not to dislodge the stitched sole.

Your vacuum cleaner can be used to find small objects, like those you have left behind in your house or office.

Here’s a great way to track your daily water intake using a water meter. It will help you attain your daily water intake needs.

Pour a can of Coke into your toilet and let it sit overnight with still water. Then wash it by using the soft sponge along with warm lukewarm water, make sure that you’re using the right amount based on your bathroom size to ensure the effectiveness of this method. After washing, flush clean and you’re good to go!

To clean your shower head, fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and secure it to the showerhead with a rubber band. Allow it to soak in the vinegar overnight, remove the bag, rinse your shower head and wipe off any extra vinegar drops (preferably with water if it’s an older tub). It will be as good as new!

If you have buttons that keep coming undone try covering their threads with clear nail polish.

Ooh, you are in a pinch! If you forgot to put on your deodorant today and you don’t want to smell like you’re at the gym, try this homemade trick. Cut a fresh lemon or orange into two halves and just rub it onto your skin. The body odor will disappear immediately.

Put your phone into a dish or drinking glass to boost the sound of its speakers.

Going to the beach and packing a cooler? If you’re stashing any ice cubes in there, be sure to sprinkle some salt on them. That way, they’ll stay frozen much longer.

If a pot of water starts to boil over, throw in a wooden spoon to try and keep it from spilling over the sides. The spoon will pop the bubbles that form at the surface of the liquid and keep it from overflowing.

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