Gymnast Makes The Whole Crowd Scream After She Fell On Mat During Routine

by heatfeed

Collegiate gymnasts bend and move their bodies in such a way that the control, prowess, and power exhibited by their bodies is mind-blowing. Female collegiate gymnastics arrange four events: uneven bars, vault, floor exercise, and balance beam. Gymnasts move down the runway and exhibit something like push off the springboard or double handspring for momentum. Gymnasts perform a pike or a tuck or some similar moves during the airborne.

Gymnasts show some amazing moves during uneven bars. From the high bar to the low and back, there’s the flight element.

It includes different grips, a turn on the bar non-flight, and a close bar circle element. Gymnasts must rock the dismount as well.

Balance beam routine demands a giant amount of balance. The leaps, moves, and turns incorporate into the balance beam to make the routine incredible.

 The flawless dance moves are incorporated with gymnastics tricks and dynamic personal character are the demands of floor exercise. Trickier routine ensures the chances of high score

The gymnastics team of UCLA always exhibits high energy, routines, and high scores. However, this season, Gracie Kramer, a 21-year-old gymnast stunned the whole auditorium with her floor routine.

A commentator commented on her routine as foreboding and dark but soon with the change of music she changed

She first crawls on the floor then shows some magical moves. Thundering over the floor, the shoe rocked her handspring with an amazing twist. At one moment, she even hits the floor after hitting the air with a front split quite high. The game with a jaw-dropping routine.

The gymnastics team of UCLA

Through the air, she was seen spinning, kicking, twisting, and leaping. The audience was so enchanted by her performance that their eyes were stuck, unable to move, on her.

When she hits the final move, she stands up with a big smile. She did such a fantastic job that her teammate jumped up and down, embraced her. They gathered around her when they realized the amazingness of her performance and congratulated her. Even students applauded and praised her performance. 

First time In Her Collegiate Career, She Scored a Perfect Ten!

It was just like the icing on the cake as it was like a normal routine. It’s like I got 10 on just a normal routine, I knew it. I doubt if the judge noticed it or not. I already have done it. Just that this time people felt it. So it’s a cool accomplishment for me.

Her teammate Kyla attained a perfect 10 in the 2020 season at USCL’s opening home meet.

It was the first perfect 10 of Kyla and UCLA’s season. She secured some 10s in the NCAA season of 2019.