Best Glitch Android Apps To Make Your Image Aesthetic

by Tashia J. Hansen

Glitches are pixel-y, jittery, distorted digital errors that are general in the analog technology of past times. Now, the flaws of past technology have become a famous editing style. Adding glitch effects to your images gives a futuristic-looking aesthetic to your work.

In today’s world of social media users, the glitch has become a source to make their images and videos more attractive. Although, the images seem abstract still there is enchantment in them. 

So, if you also love glitch and vintage filters then without using color, brush, or tools, you can create them with the help of a glitch photo editor and another free photo editor, vintage photo editor.

How to Apply Glitch Effect to Your Images

Applying glitch effects on images is now a very trending photo editing style. So that is why we have discussed a step to step guide to adding this effect to your picture.

  1. Open any photo editor and start a new project.
  2. Upload your image from the gallery of your Android device. 
  3. Now you can add the vintage effect, 90s effect, a Lomography effect, and Black & white effects to give a futuristic feel to your image.
  4. You can also apply a distortion effect to your image for a more advanced look.
  5. Once you are done with the effects then click on the “Filters” icon to explore the collection of different filters.
  6. Select the one you like and you can also adjust the level of the effect by using the slider.
  7. Once you are satisfied with your editing then click on the export and download button.

Top 10 Glitch Effect & Vintage Camera Apps

Below is a list of top photo editors that will help you to make your picture more aesthetic with glitch effects and vintage camera apps.

1. Glitch Photo Editor – Vintage Editor

There are almost 50 different photo glitch effects available in this photo editor app. All of them are easy to apply and allow their users to create the scene as they want. 

You can use the vintage filters including light, grain, retro, and dust effects any time. You can also use them all at a time to make a new one up to your need. The vintage filter can be applied to any stored photos. This vintage editor is one of the most advanced photo editors.


  • No restrictions on the number of images you can import
  • Variety of unique filters
  • Different fonts to make your text attractive

2. Glitch Lab

This app is essentially designed to make your images look glitchy in an aesthetically appealing way. Glitch lab comes with more than 100 effects that you can use to change the pixel density, intensity of the effect, angle, and color.

Free photo editors like this need time to get used to but you can click on the tutorial section for your ease. If you want to get more effects and packs then you can buy them from this application.


  • Simple user interface
  • Save images to the direct gallery
  • Clear out the watermark easily by just viewing an ad.

3. 8Bit Photo Lab Retro

If you are a lover of 8-bit res and want to mimic these 8-bit graphics as images on your Android device then it is very easy. Because this 8Bit Photo Lab Retro camera app will allow you to do this. 

Simply select the image and then use preset filters to get the effect with just one click. There are plenty of customizations like selecting a text, glitches, dithering options, etc.


  • Compatible with motion pictures
  • Free music for backgrounds
  • Variety of Preset Filters


GLITCH app has 26 different filters for applying to your desired images as well as numerous frames. All 26 effects are best and new to turn your simple images into a work of glitch art. 

This free photo editor app allows its users to make their own glitches just by clicking. As you swipe, lines, shapes, and colors will start to change and in the end, your desired glitch will be in front of you.


  • Completely Free Editor
  • This image editor does not leave a watermark on the image
  • Best for basic editing

5. 90s Camera

Converting simple images into art, making magical scenes, and getting magical scenes, and getting more like on social media platforms have become now a trend. And for this purpose, this 90s Camera app is best. This app has the option of music to spice up your 3D image.

This app has over 1000 photography effects like Halloween sketches, flash warnings, VHS, booths, vaporwave, etc. By using them, you can easily give a magical look to your work. You can also add text in glitch style by using fonts, colors, effects, and backgrounds. 


  • Its incredible features let you make your best work
  • Simple user interface and has free features
  • Share on different social media apps


One of the great apps that have more than 100 effects related to glitches and Lomography. Every style is special and based on real and random patterns. You can choose them for making your images look stylish, modern, or even old. 

This app has a simple user interface so everyone can use it to make their work more magical. Color distorting, waving art, and filtering are also very easy with this application.


  • A lot of glitch effects
  • Professional editing app
  • Easy access to new features 

7. FIMO Analog Camera

If you are also one of those who grew up with analog cameras then it is easy for you to differentiate between images.

All film rolls have their own specific properties in terms of light, texture, and color. To mimic all of them, you have a FIMO analog Camera app. 

Unlike other editors, this app also has a community where you can post your edited pictures. You can also see incredible work done by artists on this app.

This is a simple-to-use as well as a free-of-cost application. FIMO also allows its users to auto-save their pictures to the gallery and even lets them import images from the gallery.


  • Efficient filters, tools, and effects
  • Includes a free library of different filters
  • Mobile friendly app

8. Vaporgram glitch photo editor

Vapogram glitch photo editor is the choice of every creative person because of its incredible features. There are more than hundreds of effects in this app that you can use to make your artwork more aesthetic. 

You can edit pictures by using the given filters like neon, scanline, RGB, VHS, illusion, vaporwave, etc. This app also allows its users to add more things to their creations like backgrounds, stickers, duotone colors, shades, text, frames, and more.


  • Quick glitch effect rending
  • Has the capability to change the intensity of effects
  • Easy-to-use app

9. Mage -photo & video fx effects

FX Mage app is one of the best apps to show your creativity and art to the whole world. It offers different effects, filters, and layouts to make your images and videos magical, aesthetic, and futuristic. 

Just open your needed section and then a lot of different options will be in front of you. Now you can choose the style or effect that you like to apply to your picture. Just install this easy-to-use app and enjoy the filters!!


  • Many choices for the level of glitch effect
  • Ability to resize the picture

 10. Glitch video effects – VHS came

VHS Came gives you 40 different effects including magic, broken VHS, pixelated, noise, wobble, RGB, night vision, chroma, snow, etc.

You can choose any of the filters from the collection. But if you still need more options for making your work more aesthetic and unique, then you can use multiple trippy filters. 

This incredible app will also allow you to make 3D glitch videos and photo collages. It is one of the best and most modern free photo editor apps that you can easily use.

You don’t have to be much technical knowledge to use it. Just pick the image and then click on the filter that you want to apply. And BOOM your simple image converted to artistic taste.


  • Free glitch online application
  • It has many  built-in effects and filters


There are a lot of cool effects from a glitch to a retro camera you can select from these apps. The above list of photo editors is especially for Android users. Thus, if you are a filmmaker, social media user, or an artistic person then these apps can be best for you.

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