Game-changing Hair Products

by heatfeed
Hair Products

Hair Products you need in your hair care routine.

Following is a list of ingenious and innovative hair products that will change the way you style your hair and care for it.

A Pair of Satin Pillowcases 

This revolutionary concept of using satin material for pillowcases will greatly benefit your hair and skin as well. Satin will reduce hair breakage and frizz due to tossing and turning during sleep and keep your hair tangle-free. 


Sleep Beanies 

Just like satin pillowcases, sleep beanies lined with satin inside can protect your hair while you sleep, especially for dry and curly hair. The beanie will help your hair retain its moisture throughout the night and maintain your curl pattern without it getting squished due to constant tossing and turning. 


A Hair Finishing Stick 

A gel hair taming cream made from plant-based ingredients and comes with a wand that makes it easy to comb down those pesky flyaways and baby hairs when you put your hair in a tight pony or a bun. It is a perfect substitute for a hairspray that often makes the hair greasy. 


Microfiber Hair Towel 

The long term heat damage from using a dryer will make your hair extremely dry and frizzy. Using a microfiber towel will help with the overall health of your hair as it is very absorbent and will not make your hair frizzy as opposed to drying it with a hairdryer. This is especially recommended for dryer hair types and curly hair. 


Foam Curling Rods 

These small innovative curling rods are made from flexible foam and are a great substitute for electric curlers that will dry out your hair with excessive heat damage. Just wrap your hair in small sections and leave in on for a few hours or sleep with it to get gorgeous heatless curls! 


A Biotin Shampoo 

If you suffer from hair fall or severe hair loss, using a shampoo that has biotin will significantly help your hair. Biotin makes the roots of your hair strong and helps greatly with the overall help of your scalp. A shampoo containing biotin along with biotin supplements will solve all your hair fall problems. 


 At Home Protein Treatment  

For dry and damaged hair, a protein treatment such as collagen or keratin treatment will be highly effective in repairing the hair and keeping it healthy. Many protein treatments can be found on the market that you can easily use at home. All hair types can benefit from these treatments. 


Clarifying Shampoo   

If you style your hair regularly with a lot of products, the chances are that these products will build upon your scalp and affect the health of your scalp. Using a clarifying shampoo once a month will get rid of all the product build-up and residue and keep your scalp clean and healthy. 


Scalp massager 

A handy brush with tiny bristles that can be used during shampooing your hair to thoroughly massage your shampoo in and make sure there is no more residue or product build-up left. This brush is amazing for giving you’re a relaxing scalp massage that will amp up the blood flow to your scalp and help in hair growth.