15 People Who Knew What They Were Doing And Went For This Anyway

by Tashia J. Hansen

Everyone gets the opportunity once in life to do something different. The one who avails it will never be disappointed for a moment. Sometimes, these opportunities give you strong moral lessons for life.

Some members of a group captured the pictures and adjusted them with some random stuff. 

Here are some pictures that are showing the characters of famous heroes with quite funny criticism.

1- Shortest month and shortest man- A coincidence

He has played the character in Game of thrones. Due to his short height, this man is associated with the month of February in the calendar made on the theme of games of thrones.

He said, where he enjoys the appreciation he is ready to face the criticism. And he accepts it with a challenge and a positive attitude.

He added I worked hard for my character and if people criticized it, I simply ignored it or converted it into constructive criticism.

2- ‘ Bone Shape’ paper clip

As shown in the picture, these are like bone-shaped pins and are suitable for a veterinary clinic.

3- Kevin’s talk

4- Billboard hack

There are two billboards placed side by side. They are showing different advertisements but the written stuff is quite relatable and showing the complete sense of the sentence. 

5- Kid’s mess

The mother posted this picture. On the left one, the written sentence is “ Born to skate” while children want to be creative and they changed the line with “Born to Chill” and in another one uses a slang word.

 6- Party goes wrong

Iceland’s foods put an advertisement for their new product. The hashtag goes wrong. At first sight, you may assume that the tag goes wrong. But after proper concentration, a person could understand what the hashtag exactly is.

7- Superpower in a water

They draw Superman on a wall over the water fountain. But the positioning is slightly wrong. People don’t think while drinking water that how they look from behind. Such a weird placement.

8- Misplacement leads to the best placement

Thomas’ company sticks the price tag at a word which confuses the people as well as makes the customer more attentive towards the product. 

9- Backward spell hack

The girls on Twitter request parents to be very careful while choosing the name of their children. And she emphasized while spelled backward because she suffered a lot in her whole life.

10- Forceful dangerous disclaimer

This notice is displayed by the management of the golf course. And I would definitely praise the intelligence level of the viewer. He has chosen such a fearful punishment for those who collect the golf balls except the players. 

11- Weird creativity of tissue box

This tissue box has a picture of spiderman – but, the placement of the picture goes wrong. The opening of the tissue box is on the wrong side. It gives an opportunity for the audience to laugh.

12- Covid precautions

Due to covid, many countries restricted their air travel. And some have strict air precautions. The above picture is from the Belgian government who highlights the “unwanted souvenir”. It reflects the diseases that people carry from other states while traveling i.e covid-19 in current days.

13- Unarranged words

To show a positive message to the world, the arrangement of messages is very important. These unarranged words create confusion and the wrong message to the audience. So, be careful while choosing the order of the words.

14- Butter “butt” tagged

The box of butter is the laughing edge for the audience. It is created by the staff of the grocery store. The placement of the price tag changed the tagline written on it and made it funny. This line is the point of attention towards the audience.

15- “OO” placement spoiled the picture

This ad spoiled the photo of the woman by adding text on the front of the page. The exact placement on the eyes makes it more fun. We can say that misplacement placed the letters at the exact place.

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