People In This Online Community Appreciate A Good Roast And Here Are 41 Of The Funniest Insults Directed At Celebrities

by heatfeed

Celebrities are famous for their work in projects and are always in the limelight with great fan following. They enjoyed a great fan following with lots of praise and appreciation as well as they also received many criticisms from the media and people. However, their every action highlighted them.

Roasting or insulting is such a risky way to get attention as it causes serious penalties if someone claims self-esteem or a personality hurting case. Anyone can sue if he got some burn with the tweet or content.

Here is some material that is searched out where celebrities got real criticism and roasted and got insulted. 

1 Mark Zuckerberg gets roasted as he is looking more handsome in a wax model.

There are rare insults pages that roasted the celebrities and got a lot of attention from the people. This page got a huge response when he started some creative work with the collaboration of other communities. They not only worked on celebrities but also on random normal people.

2 facebook roasting on Eminem

3 that’s a good one

This community posted comments which are not directed to the personality of the person or the person itself but is directed to the qualities of the person. To insult or humiliate a person is banned in the law of the state. But roasted the quality in a behaving manner creates humor. And this community is working on it and running successfully.  In some countries, insulting someone and hurt its self-esteem and ego straightly causes serious punishment. In random cases, they are charged a fine and in a serious one, the punishment is locked up for 6 months.

4 so roasted need some water to digest and ice to isolate

5 funniest.. 2 people or seem triplets

6 The Ring Gauntlet

7 Olsen Twins Prophecy

8 most Richie gets roasted…

9it gives the memory of gym vibes

10 this is a real gem

11 You Get What You F*****g Deserve

12 On Adam Levine’s Tattoos

13 noncomplementary 

14 Rest in peace face neutral.

15 I’d Go To That Rehab

16 don’t want to be disagree

17 you can’t ignore once you have seen this

18 He’s Not Wrong

19 Ouch That Outta Hurt

20 They Aren’t Wrong

21 Never Heard That One

22  it’s funny to have that royal moves 

23 agreeableness on the tweet

24 multi-talented man

25 to look on it is enough don’t say anything.

26 creativity and beauty in one picture.

27 Pope Francis Is Very Wise

28 Mark Wahlberg Got Roasted

29 insulting packages with great numbers.

3 Insults In 1 Package

30 it’s true about it

It Do Be Kinda True Tho

31 this is hurting one

32 Imagination is it that worse?

33 They Did Chino Dirty With This One

34 How to do it?

35 big availing moments

36 funniest comment on harry potter’s character cast

37 adam sandler’s similarity index with the older one

38 One Cent > Jake Paul

39 4 variety of ways

40 these stolen jokes are carried from 26-minute long video.

41 The funniest man found in one video while searching