The Funniest Classical Art Memes From Instagram Page “Classic Sarcasm”

by heatfeed

When we talk about classic art, we actually mean the old seventeenth-century artwork of ancient Greek and Roman civilization art. Also, classical art includes “Renaissance art, baroque style, and neoclassicism”. 

Let’s have a look at some of the recreated Classic Masterpieces Memes

In a world where everyone is a creator, every individual has their own unique voice when referencing media. The element of surprise helps keep you from getting bored of the same kinds of jokes or situations that are used to reference situations and keeps them fresh for you.

 The most effective memes tend to be either ridiculous or over-the-top because they make us laugh or cry before we understand what they mean.

Memes, as well as other types of web content, such as articles and videos, are conveying many messages in one small package. This is a lot like emoji. Emojis have been successfully used to deliver complex emotional states and even complex ideas with little or no text at all. And memes can do the same thing: quickly condense complex thoughts into a simple visual form for easy digestion.

All of them are examples of art classicism.

Art is always beautiful, no matter what the style its creator adopts. But, art could also be funny and hilarious if someone adds a touch of sarcasm to it.

Yes, sarcasm- a bit of sarcastic tone is enough to make a masterpiece more interesting. Like that “classic sarcasm” page owner did. 

Classic sarcasm is a social media project to change your perspective to see art. Or maybe in a better way, that makes you laugh and admire at the same time. ( Classical art is a type of art that was produced by Western civilization during the classical period between 480 B.C. and 510 A.D. Classical artworks are those that have been created by ancient Greek or Roman civilizations and the artworks themselves have also been referred to as Greek or Roman art in different cultural contexts throughout history for hundreds of years.)

Laughing is always good for one’s health, both mentally and physically. So someone who is making you laugh is doing a great favor for you.

Although, sarcasm is not funny at all if used with classic touch it can change the whole meaning of art and sarcasm as well.

Some History About Classical Art

Sculpture, an artistic expression, which is worked on a hard or plastic material in order to create visions that are three-dimensional. These visions may be portrayed as freestanding objects, represented through reliefs on surfaces, or it can even be manifested in environments that envelop the spectator.

One of the most celebrated statues from antiquity is “The Discus Thrower” by Myron – a representation of tension and grace, accelerated movement and stillness.

One of the most celebrated statues from antiquity is “Discobolus” by Myron. An expert in weight-lifting, he was known to be the personification of equilibrium, strength, and athletic beauty. The statue also consists of a balance ball upon his hand that suggests mathematical proportions necessary for harmony.

The Riace bronzes were made in the transition between archaic Greek sculpture and early Classical style. Aristotle is quoted as saying “that art is a teacher of Imitation.” The discovery of the bronze statues was because there was so much change, it caught the attention from people all through Italy, even though they were kept in private collections that could be seen by anyone with enough money to buy them.
Classical art refers to the art that was created at many different points throughout history. There were eras that had their own classic periods. The Renaissance is a popular example of a period of classical art in history. Although we can associate classical artwork as being part of any historical era, it is more specifically linked to the early classic cultures and societies such as: Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.   


How perfectly described the fashion sense of the famous “Saint Lifard” and his dragon. Was it is the fashion of that time or actually he could not find any better thing to wear? 


This one is not so funny but extremely sarcastic yet so true.

Romeo and Juliet is the story of young lovers whose ill-fated romance could be blamed on fate. Romeo and Juliet has become the stuff of legends – immortalized as one of Shakespeare’s most iconic characters. However, unlike many other classics from The Bard, it doesn’t have a clearly defined theme that ties together every element in the play.


Sarcasm on another level looks so true if you focus on the expression of the cat sitting on the right side. 

Most cats likes meow to eat, and they can be quite demanding around mealtimes. Cats are social creatures that like to have time with you. When left alone for a long time, they may meow to let you know that it’s not fair! 


This is also not funny, it is reality. Yes if the Goddess of beauty is the symbol of perfection and has stomach rolls then baby why not you? 

Aphrodite is the ancient Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty, or Venus to the Romans. She was a goddess of love and fertility most often associated with the passions between the sexes and there are many mythological tales of her escapades in this realm, one common example being Aphrodite’s trysts with Ares.


If Pandora belongs to this century she must own a youtube vlog. 

Pandora, an ancient Greek mythological character created by Hesiod to demonstrate the importance of interpersonal relationships. According to Hesiod’s Theogony , fire was originally meant as a gift for humanity by Prometheus, but it was then countered by Zeus out of revenge for the Titan being uncooperative. Since humanity had been given fire, and gifted with intellect, only Zeus could have the power to undo this mistake.


It is 110% true when your friend calls you out for help no matter where you are, you run exactly like this as you are the only one who can actually solve her problem. Friends can offer you incredible support when it comes to dealing with the stress of being an entrepreneur. They might listen, act as your sounding board or talk to you about any issues that may arise. You might also want to seek their advice from time to time and possibly ask for some help in supporting your business even if they don’t have anything specifically related to it. In more intimate relationships, couples can be a strength because sharing responsibilities and having another person who shares similar values, backgrounds and ambitions makes everything so much easier! However, certain people will be closer than others – although family should always come first!

Then both of you sit together in a restaurant and have a pizza forgetting the purpose of your meeting. 


One of the most liked memes from all collections.   


So funny, yet sarcastic. Despite the exact meaning of this artwork or why the artist made this, this meme is looking like an exact description. Their facial expressions say a lot, they are actually discussing an important topic with mutual understanding. 


Best friends discussing a random guy at the mall? Isn’t this artwork saying this?

The best elaboration of this painting is not only a meme.  


Another one, felt like the meme artist trying to resemble those old classic images to our present situation. But as important as our relationships are to our happiness and health, it is unusual how little time we spend to be careful for our foodie partner.


Perfect meme for this one. Nothing could be better than this.


Super funny, yet cute. This monk is looking at beer exactly like a six-year-old kid looking at his favorite drink in a fancy glass for the first time.


Amazing sense of humor, no further explanation required for this masterpiece reacting like she did not agree to come outside.


This meme could relate to almost everyone. Because all of us have dreams like this that can not be understood at any cost, finding the meaning behind those dreams is a waste of time only.   


Why did artists create this painting? He could create a decent one. Because this painting itself invites some to create memes on it.  


It seems like the creator of the memes is a good expression reader. Just look at the facial expressions of the lady and you will feel her pain. 


Just look at the painting and no further explanation is required for this meme. Super funny and hilarious. 


If tomatoes were human they would behave exactly like this. Because the main ingredient of the pizza is tomato and tomato itself is a fruit.