Full stop punctuation (.)

by heatfeed

I have found out nowadays that thousands of people in everyday life go to Google Chrome and type “.” and they want that they are surprised by their browser search. I have found this out as I was getting so bore and I was wondering what to do on the web when boredom hits me. It turns that a lot of individuals are looking for fun to do at work when they are feeling bored.

It is beautiful that bored individuals have a vast company; at least they aren’t lonely. And they get this a whole group of bored peeps search stupid stuff when feeling bore. No one search for creative stuff when bored. Is that means that boring individuals are stupid? Or is it mean boring people are brilliant but want to do stupidity? By the way, doing stupid things are having more fun than smart ones.

But it’s also possible bored individuals are stupid actually. It is because of this fact that a whole lot of individuals want to tell google chrome that they are bored, they try searching different thing. Top of the list is Full Stop (.). Almost every one of us searches dot at least once in a life.

Full stop, When feeling bore :

Google has been looking for ways to enhance their search engine. I am bored people who don’t know what to do or how to overcome their boredom. Why are we so bored to type! (.). Thousands of people put a full stop (.) on Google. They randomly typed full stop and ended up having a lot of funny and entertaining videos.

Full stop, when searching randomly :

Sometimes they do so by mistake, but then they find out fantastic stuff by just putting a full stop. They typed (.) and popped up with some lovely videos. Google even added a full stop in his search engines. That’s amazing!!

Full stop, as a punctuation mark: The full stop is used as a punctuation mark in British English. It is the standard and the most significant punctuation mark. This symbol is derived from the Greek language. The full stop, also known as the full point is a punctuation mark in English. Its use for many purposes, especially at the ending of a sentence. It is widely used in daily life. Its usage is common everywhere. It is the most used character in writing history.

Are you feeling bored? You can watch this video