All You Need To Know About FasTag Statement

by heatfeed

FASTag statement is an easy-to-use, reloadable tag that can be attached to the windscreens of vehicles. With this technology, drivers can pass through designated lanes without stopping at toll booths and paying the toll fee.

When you cross a toll plaza with the FASTag on your car, tax is directly debited from your FASTag prepaid account. Through a variety of channels, including the internet, mobile applications, SMS, and customer service hotlines, you can promptly determine the balance in your FASTag account.

What is a FASTag Statement?

It could become challenging for you to keep track of the quantity and frequency of your toll tax payments if you travel through highways frequently. You require a FASTag statement to keep track of such transactions.

You can view a complete list of the transactions, made across toll plazas, in a FASTag statement. The FASTag statement will provide a full breakdown of the total amount deducted from your prepaid wallet. The bank with which your FASTag wallet is linked tracks all the payments and makes them accessible on their portal or mobile app. 

For instance, IDFC FIRST Bank provides a full list of your deductions on their integrated mobile application. You simply need to download the mobile banking app from Play Store or App Store to get going. In addition, you can also access a host of banking services on the app.

How can you download the FASTag Statement?

The FASTag portal of your bank is the best place to download your FASTag statement. Adhere to the instructions given below to get the statement:

  • Use your Username and Password for FASTag sign-up. You may easily create an OTP by doing the same.
  • Click on the FASTag account’s personal profile link.
  • A list of FASTag accounts will appear here if you have multiple vehicles. Decide the one you want to create the statement for.
  • Go to the ‘Account Statement’ option.
  • You may see the amount and statement for your new FASTag account here.
  • To download it to your device, select the “download” option.

Benefits of FASTag Statement Online

  • The date and amount of toll costs deducted from your FASTag wallet can be verified using the FASTag statement.
  • You can also check whether toll fees were unintentionally taken out of your wallet.
  • You can contact the customer service department of IDFC FIRST Bank FASTag at any moment with any questions.
  • If you discover any errors in your FASTag statement, you may also approach the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) by dialing the customer service toll-free line at 1033.

Things to know about FASTags

  • The issuer agency charges a one-time tag membership cost of roughly Rs 200. Additionally, the issuer agency must be paid a refundable deposit according to the kind of vehicle when the FASTag is issued.
  • When the FASTag account is closed, the deposit money is returned.
  • You must purchase separate FASTag stickers for separate vehicles; one FASTag cannot be used with multiple vehicles.

The cashless toll tax payment method at toll plazas has made life easier. It’s a good practice to download and review the statement for each FASTag account at least once a month. In this manner, you can avoid ever getting into trouble because of a low account balance.