Valentina Genova Creates Fashionable Animals Through Clay Dolls:

by heatfeed

Human dolls wearing victorian clothes or barbie dolls, that what came to our mind when someone says doll. But there are a variety of dolls out there. And Russian artist Valentina Gekova proved this through her work. She made animal dolls. To explain it, She made Giraffes, dogs, lizards, and other animals and dressed them up in human clothes. Most of her dolls wear comfy-cool clothes like sweatpants, jackets, tracksuits, etc. It might sound unusual to you. However, it makes a cool combo that gives rise to quite a cute appeal to the eye. If you don’t believe words, keep scrolling and see the magic for yourself.

Valentina talks about her background and her process of making cool dolls. She said, She uses baked clay to make them, She is a self-taught artist that means she hasn’t studied anywhere. She is doing this for five years and it has been her main activity all these years till now. Started with making clay jars and then human dolls, the idea of making animal dolls struck her mind. The modern look of clothes on her dolls is something she likes best. Furthermore, she added they are neither vintage nor history. They are just what surrounds us in contemporary life.

Here are some visuals of her cool new creation.

This picture shows a cute little unicorn wearing a warm frock and hood to cover her head. The overall doll look is so cute one wants to hold it in his hands.

A fashionable Giraffe, you really won’t wanna call giraffe now is standing tall wearing a long coat over shorts and a sweatshirt. All this look is paired with cool pair of shoes and a headband.

This picture features a cute white rat is wearing an all-black warm winter suit with a cap. He is wearing a long grey coat over this.

A cute panda wearing a blue sweater and grey pants paired with white shoes is featured in this photo. One can even feel the softness even through the photo.

An elephant wearing a sleeveless hooded jacket upon a warm grey suit giving a comfy feel. The overall feel of the getup is very soothing.

This picture features a hen wearing a black hoodie with blue pants and a cute small pair of shoes. The background against which she is featured is ultimately giving it a pop star look.

An old elf wearing a hat with a nice suit can be seen in this photo. Pairing the overall look with leather boots is what gives him a suited booted look of a gentleman.

 The given visual features a duck fully covered in a hooded warmer that takes you to winters even in summer.

This visual features a rat wearing a cute blue hoodie with a nice pair of shorts and shoes. The cute choice of colors and clothing is giving even a rat an ultimate composed look.

A cute white dog wearing an all-black comfy suit with a pair of black shoes adore this picture. The dog is putting his hands in his trouser’s pocket. This gives a feeling that he is comfortable and enjoying whatever he is wearing.