5 Best Celebrities of Bollywood and Their Age

by Tashia J. Hansen

Celebrities are maintaining their body weight and health, to look less than their actual calculated age. Our age calculator elaborates on the fact they are more than their actual appearance. The main reason is their diet, they are eating according to their daily calorie requirement.

This would reduce the degeneration of the tissue, and the tissue remains in the best of condition. You may be surprised to compare how old am I with celebrities. Most celebrities are in their 50s or their 60s, it is quite amazing for us how celebrities are maintaining their health and physiques. 

5 famous Bollywood celebrities

Artificial things, like plastic surgery, and LED light therapy are also used by celebrities to hide their actual age. Fashion is also going to play its part in this regard. Youthfulness is the most resonating fact in their personality, the birthday age calculator provides you the sufficient information. To find the difference between their actual age and the presentable age.

When celebrities are finding that their weight is going out of range, they are going to change their eating habits. In this regard, the best-served ingredients are minerals and vitamins.

These ingredients are antiaging properties, and you can preserve your body entropy by using the minerals and vitamins in your food nutrients.

How to calculate your age compared to the celebrities just enter your age and the age of celebrities. You can determine the exact difference between your age and the age of celebrities.

We are going to present 5 Bollywood celebrities, which have well maintained their bodies.

1: Hema Malini: 

You can say Hema Malini is the original dream girl, she is still like a dream girl, and never going to get older.  Her date of birth is 16 October 1948, she is in her 70’s, but you can say, you can still hire her for the Hollywood heroine.

This is quite amazing, the way she has maintained her body and smartness. Her dance moves are still quite shocking even for 20 years age teen girls.

Calculate age in months calculator reveals, she is in her 70s, which is quite remarkable as compared to her body appearance.

Hema Malini

2: Rekha:

The actual date of birth Rekha is 10 October 1954, the age calculator reveals she is around 62 years of age. This is quite a remarkable thing, you can associate many beautiful memories with this actress, and her performing abilities are still as young as that of young girls.

When she is coming to the film stage, you would be amazed to know, her wrinkled face is still many people’s favorite.


Her skin color is dark, but it was her smartness and her acting, which made her one of eh best-performing artists of her time. People do wonder, how to calculate age. It is quite a simple thing when you are using the age calculator.

3: Salman Khan: 

The young boy of Bollywood is still, Salman Khan, and people do believe he is just a 25-year-old boy. His actual date of birth is December 27, 1965. He is now a 56-year-old man.

The Age Calculator reveals he is an old man doing the young boys’ role. It is his perfect fitness and exercise habits, which is keeping him fit and smart. The Exotic roles of Salman Khan are all over the young generation. 

salman khan

His performance with the Ashwariya Ray was quite remarkable, and amazing. Now you can gauge his performance along with Katrina Kaif, but the real thirst in these roles is the man Salman Khan.

4: Shah Rukh: 

The age calculator provides us with information about the ever-green Bollywood hero, Shah Rukh Khan. His actual date of birth of the guy is November 2, 1965, he is now 56 years of age.

His ever-smiling face is everybody’s favorite, and his performance in the DIL WALAY TO DULHANIA LAY JAIIN GAY! It is one of the great performances of a man along with the Amish Puri.

The role of the Kajool along with Shah Rukh Khan is everlasting. The man maintained his health and beauty and it is never going to be diminished in the coming future.

Shah Rukh khan

5: Hrithik Roshan:

Hrithik Roshan is one of the smartest guys you have ever seen in Bollywood history. The age calculator reveals he is around 48 years old, and his date of birth is January 10, 1974.

His performance on the film screen is quite amazing, and you can say the dance steps of Hrithik Roshan are quite amazing.

Hrithik Roshan

His performance with Karena Kapoor is quite amazing. The young boys are just becoming too crazy for the exercise after watching his biceps on the calculation stage. 

The last word:

This is quite amazing how these Bollywood celebrities are maintaining their bodies. They look to be as young as a young boy or a teenage girl. It is only the never-ending efforts of these celebrities to present themselves in the Film world.

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