15+ Eye-opening things people found in buildings after the most recent occupant left

by heatfeed

Memories are so beautiful, and things related to these memories are precious.  We make memories at the place where we live. We get attached to the place and remorse when somehow we need to evacuate that place.

Everyone remembers that every child in his childhood must have drawn something on the walls of the house. Such drawings would have been hated by adults but loved by the kid.

Every family has something precious either memory or heritage, that means treasure to them. That could be anything, doesn’t matter what it is. Is it worth it or not? 

Whether it is some kind of heirloom, some silver utensils, or some gold jewelry but the thing is they possess it from one generation to another.

Imagine finding a hidden treasure that someone buried in their house years ago. A treasure box, having gold coins, jewels, gold chains, silver pots, and much more,  sounds good.

This is the main reason why people stop finding treasures around. Whenever we heard about a treasure the very first thing that came to our mind is something materialistic, something pricey or expensive, or something shiny. Specially made of gold or diamonds.

Treasure does not always mean something expensive, it could be anything you find interesting or important.

If you think about treasures, in the same manner, you will find them around you. 

Did you ever wonder, if there could be a treasure in your house too? Maybe under your floor or somewhere hidden in the walls of your house?

But finding that treasure may cost more than its actual price like you have to dig up your floor or tear apart your walls-  that is not a good idea by the way. You should not try this until you need it for the renovation of your house.

It might not be possible for you now to find any but we can enjoy the treasure that other people found in their houses after the recent occupant left.

Let’s dive into this interesting article


A hanging chain inside the wall

A hanging chain inside the wall. Good knows the purpose but it looks scary.  What if someone was punished to death by hanging to the ceiling or someone could have been gathering the murder tools here?

But the thing is, it really is scary and someone needs to find out the reason why it is there. Maybe Fia could help because this is not normal, it could lead to an interesting yet dreary story.


Antique light switches

Antique light switches, you can’t even find them in a museum. Maybe these switches were being used for electrocuting purposes in the remote past.

Maybe these switches were designated to creep the hell out of experimental frogs. Anything could be possible. These switches tell some unsaid, crippled story. You must pay attention to it.  


unique fan

No one knows the Dre launched these fans, or maybe it was a limited edition. But one should think, who does have such fans?

They are so ugly and scary and one should avoid buying them for the sake of domestic beauty and peace as well. Beware of the ugly household fans and buy the sophisticated ones.


hidden door in the wall of your bedroom

Imagine a hidden door in the wall of your bedroom that belongs to another world, or maybe a failed toilet plan. 

Or we must think that it is here for some different purpose. Maybe the door leads us to a cemetery or some unforbidden magic room. It could have led to the freakish laboratory where hideous experiments could have been performed.


A beautiful artwork behind the cage

A beautiful artwork behind the cage.  What is a cage for? Does it imply that they are hiding a tree behind a cage? Can we do that? Trees are living things and they transpire and bear fruit. This must be a sick idea to even think like that. You should love the trees and be nice to them.


commitments on the bark of the trees

True promises are always hard to break, but wall promises are harder. You can not break them until you have a hammer. 

Sometimes people write their commitments on the bark of the trees which looks awesome and unique too. There’s a romantic attachment to writing the names and promises not only on trees but on walls as well.


electrical switches

The original electrical switches look like these. Many of us may be watching this for the first time. This seems like someone was doing a mega-science project and he’s got to leave it in midway.

This huge switchboard looks like the one in the ‘imitation games’ movie, where Alan Turing was trying to break a cipher. This is an interesting thing for the eyes to see, you know.


decorative light switches

The oldest form of first decorative light switches, many old buildings still have such kind of switch.  We are talking too much about the switches, right?

But let’s see what we observe from these switches. They are six in number and in between the circuit, we are watching some illumination stuff.

And around the switch circuit, we are witnessing an intricate pattern of painting and drawing. Does it have only decorative purposes? or maybe more than that, right?


A mail slot from the 1900s

A mail slot from the 1900s. It is common to find such mail slots in old buildings. This was a unique addition to the buildings in the 1900s.

I mean, if you ever needed to send a mail and you are busy doing other stuff too, then you can probably access it easily.


razor disposal slot

The razor disposal slot seems like someone using this bathroom was very conscious about hygiene. e. Blades get rusted in no time and if someone is allocating the space for them that’s probably the height of being conscious about hygiene.


cave painting

The modern-style cave painting. Or maybe someone tries to keep their memories alive for the rest of the time. Look at the painting, people look so happy in the painting.

It seems like they are going to some tournaments. They are swinging, jumping high, and doing all the stuff.


Egyptian kind of trap

Who knows that the Egyptian kind of trap still exists, not in treasure caves, but in a random house?  It is a self-helping and doing-it-yourself thing that is good and loveable.

If the handle of your door comes down in your hands, use a spoon to serve the purpose.


handle is made of a spoon

The handle is made of a spoon, the oldest hack to open a door after losing its knob or handle.


old-school elevator handle

The old-school elevator handle. Still works in a few old mills or buildings in underdeveloped countries.

In various video games, when you travel to the past and you feel scared due to the atmosphere there, you frequently find such kind of switch, right?


Hidden fish under the layer of paint

Hidden fish under the layer of paint. There might be a sea under there if all the paint from the wall would be removed.  What if someone new wants to get into the house and he is afraid of sea horses?

He could shriek out loud at night assuming that this sea horse would poison him somehow. Well, this one is a really scary one indeed. Beware of the houses which have tattooed sea horses over them.



Looks like an artwork, but it is just painted layers over layers. It looks like someone’s eye and eye folds. Maybe it is symbolic or speaks of some unsaid truth. It is an interesting thing to do so. See the image and cherish its beauty.


love letter

Nothing could be more precious than a love letter from a stranger, especially when he is only 11 years old. Did you ever write a love letter to someone?

If you have, you must be familiar with the sweet, tangy feeling coming out of your feet and you just give way to the feeling, this letter depicts a similar feeling.

Final words:

There are many little things that are more precious than diamonds, but maybe not for you. But that could be someone’s whole life.

Feelings are precious, things aren’t. Whenever you see something valuable in some vacant place, report it to the Museum of ancient art. Maybe they find something interesting there.