Eli Manning Retires from New York Giant

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Eli Manning retires from New York Giant

The New York Giants is one of the most well-known American Football team. They have rocked the super bowl scene for many years now. And are among the most loved teams by the people of The United States of America.

One of the key players of the team was Eli Manning. Eli Manning had been on board The New York Giants team since the year 2004. His illustrious 16-year old career had been spent loyally to The New York Giants.  He recently announced his retirement from the team at the age of 39. 

About Eli Manning’s career

Eli Manning was the quarterback for The New York Giants from the year 2004. He had openly refused to be part of any other team. And had stayed faithful to The New York Giants ever since. From 2005, he has always been an opener for the team.

Eli has been proudly called the Most Valuable Player (MVP) by the team’s coach Tom Coughlin. He has been the sole reason for bringing home two of the four world championship trophies for The New York Giants.

Eli Manning has managed to set two records for The New York Giants. By playing 236 regular games during seasons (out of which he has started 234 games) and 248 games in total.

He is among the most established, accomplished, and experienced players. That the New York Giants has seen in its lifetime of 95 years of existence. Manning has never sat out a game giving his injuries as a reason. 

Rozelle Trophy

Eli Manning was the only player of The New York Giants; who has managed to receive the Rozelle trophy multiple times (twice). He was among the five players in the history of football to receive that honor.

The other players were Joe Montana, Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, and Tom Brady, all of whom, interestingly, were also quarterbacks.

He is also one among 21 quarterbacks who have never lost a Super Bowl. And among 12 quarterbacks who have won it at least twice.

In 2016, he along with Larry Fitzgerald received the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award. In all its 49-year history, he was the only New York Giants player to win that award. 

When He Was Off The Field

When Eli Manning was not on the field playing. He has been the kindest and the most generous New York Giant. He believed in giving and gave away enormous amounts of time, energy; and money to different institutions that were helping cancer patients and survivors, and civil servants. He and his family have built an entire Children’s clinic in Jackson. Mississippi to help those who are economically unstable have access to good healthcare. 

He has always believed in passing on what God gave him. This has made him part of various charitable causes. And help society and people when they have been in need of the same.


Manning has been selected to receive the Bart Starr Award in memory of the great football legend Bart Starr. He was unanimously voted by his fellow player to receive the award in memory of one of the greatest football legends; Who was also an inspiration to those around him, both personally and professionally.