⬇️ Down Arrow Emoji

Down Arrow Emoji

Emoji Meaning 

The down arrow ⬇️ emoji depicts a blue-filled square with an arrow pointing down. This emoji is frequently used in a symbolic sense. It is connected with negative feelings. Some users send this to share their objections to a particular topic. This symbol is also a direction sign. 

NOTE: Down Arrow was approved as part of Unicode 4.0 in 2003 under the name “Downwards Black Arrow” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Similar Emojis

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Also Known As

⬇️ Arrow Pointing Down

⬇️ Down Arrow

Apple Name

⬇️ Down Arrow

Unicode Name

⬇️ Downwards Black Arrow


⬇ U+2B07

️ U+FE0F


:arrow_down: (Github, Slack)

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