📥 Inbox Tray Emoji

Inbox Tray Emoji

Emoji Meaning 

This Inbox Tray emoji📥  emoji features a downward-facing red arrow instead of an upward-facing one, similar to the Outbox Tray object. Any emailing or messaging platform’s inbox can be represented with the emoji Inbox Tray. The term implies a collection and a record of messages/emails.


When Unicode 6.0 was accepted in 2010, the Inbox Tray was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Also Known As

📥 Inbox

📥 Inbox Me

📥 Direct Message

📥 Incoming Mails

📥 Inbox Mail

📥 Message Inbox


  • 📥 U+1F4E5


  • :inbox_tray: (Github, Slack)
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