A Doctor Couple’s Photograph Goes Viral In The Epidemic Of Corona

by heatfeed
Doctor Couple’s Photograph In The Epidemic Of Corona

The CoronaVirus pandemic has sent everyone into a panic.  Many nations around the globe have imposed a lockdown while some have called for a strict social distancing. People are unable to meet their near and dear ones living in different parts of the world. Gatherings everywhere are being canceled, including celebrations like weddings and funerals.

Everyone is becoming increasingly aware of their responsibilities as a citizen, and doing their best to fight the deadly disease. Social media users across the world are also doing all they can to learn the latest news about the virus and share it with their friends and family. 

The Dramatic Story That Has Been Going Viral

Recently, a picture of a young couple has been doing rounds on the internet. It has caught the eye of many social media users as they tried to figure out the story behind the picture. Many users have posted the picture of a young man and a woman holding each other tightly, as a clinical mask is hanging down their chin.

People have claimed that they are doctors in Italy, who have treated over 130 COVID-19 patients. Some have also claimed that they treated the patients for a whole week, after which they gave in to the disease. This story, however heart touching, has not yet been verified. 

Photographer Denies Rumours About The Couple

Many news sites have claimed this news to be a fake one. It is said that the picture was taken at Barcelona airport in Spain, and not in any hospital. A lot of news sites have also reported that the viral, gut-wrenching story associated with the image is also untrue. It was found that the image was used in several news sites like ‘The Washington times.’

As Spain is one of the worst-hit countries, news articles reporting about the country have been using the image in their articles. But none of them confirm that the viral Italian doctor theory is true. There hasn’t been any mention of it in the Italian media either, so it can be said that the story is not true.