Some Disrespectful Things People Witnessed American Tourists Doing During Their Trips

by heatfeed

In other countries, Americans have been observed doing several childish and disrespectful things.

As friendly, curious, and hospitable as most tourists are, unfortunately, a noisy few can tarnish everyone’s good name. The locals would like everyone to be more considerate when it comes to overseas travel. “What are the oddest things you’ve seen tourists do that would be deemed disrespectful or inappropriate in your home country?” questioned Redditor Bugginette. When it came to this case, Bugginette wanted to focus on the American You can read some of these locals’ stories who aren’t Americans by clicking on Those are just a few people’s experiences with Americans, dear Pandas, so keep that in mind To imply that all Americans are illiterate or that all visitors from other countries are saints would be a gross understatement Nothing could be further from the truth! As such, if you’d like to learn more about what Americans are doing to keep things in balance, head on over to Bored Panda’s article. What about the dark side of tourism, and how not to act while on vacation abroad?


Using the term “black African-American, even though many of them never have It’s a dumb idea ‘Black’ isn’t


Claiming that Ireland isn’t “truly” Irish and that the only way to experience “genuine” and “traditional” Irish culture is by going to Boston.


One day, I watched as an American father, accompanied by his young children, explained to an elderly Japanese guy why they had to drop the bomb on Hiroshima.

At the Peace Museum in Washington D – In the city of Hiroshima

In just two days, Redditor Bugginette’s popular thread has garnered more than 29.3k upvotes and 74 awards, according to Reddit. As a result, some of the responses were That someone could be so disrespectful is hard to believe. Tourist etiquette is mostly common sense. If you want to be treated well, treat people the same way you Take care of yourself in the same way you would like tourists to your area to Do your best to be a decent human being, because we’re Keep koalas in trees and don’t shake them out With a bone that you stole, don’t try to sneak into the Paris catacombs! Don’t expect that everyone can be paid in US dollars right now. Isn’t it quite simple to understand?


German is spoken here. It’s best to avoid visiting a concentration camp museum if you don’t want your blood to boil in less than 10 minutes due to how disrespectful I can’t believe what I




As a result, I’ve seen many exchanges between Americans, and When the guardsman screams at them or plows through them when marching, it makes me giggle. Keep an eye on the lads. They have a job to do.


Someone in front of me in line at mc D’s was having a meltdown, and I overheard:

I don’t understand what you’re There are no American dollars accepted at this MCDONALD’S!”

This occurred in Poland, a country inside.


A tourist from the United States complained about the distance between Edinburgh Castle and the train station. The government should move it closer to the train station, I believe. The American tourist said, “It’s all taken care of


Shaken a Koala out of its tree in Australia’s wildlife park


Even if it isn’t disrespectful or inappropriate, I approached her and asked if I could assist because she appeared lost. When I asked if she was sure, she said yes and asked me how to travel to the famous. She was in Sweden, not Switzerland, and I had to explain.

A traveler’s attire, eating habits, and cell phone usage are all examples of local customs. Travelers should be aware of local norms when walking around a city or eating at a restaurant,” she said.

A lady who has not covered her shoulders or legs, for example, may not be admitted into a temple or even a restaurant in Buddhist countries. If you want to get the most out of your trip, get to know the local customs and learn a few important words,” the professor advised Bo.


A couple of Americans talked [badly] about other passengers in a booming voice (I got my fair share). They believed that no one would shut them up by conversing with my friend in English.


Two Americans tried to escape from the Paris Catacombs with a bone they had stolen while in France.


It was my first time in England, and I visited the Tower of London; despite being a “Do not touch or climb,” signs were posted on the rope leading to the cannon. It was a mother from the United States who lifted the rope and urged her 7-year-old son to sit on the cannon so she could take “The sign says no,” the KID complained. When her daughter refused, the mom claimed she didn’t give a damn and threatened to ground them.


Because I’m a South African, I don’t have the habit of getting attacked by a wild animal because I was trying to go closer or pet it. I believed folks from countries with Grizzly bears and mountain lions would be a bit more cautious near wild creatures than those from other countries, as well as their disbelief at seeing that there are cities here and not everyone lives in mud huts.


Not only is the phrase ‘American tourists do not’ offensive, but it is also utterly dumb, and Observed an American named Karen yelling at people in London (UK) for taking the names of American cities.


It’s Thanksgiving, and a traveler from the United States has ordered a turkey dinner at a restaurant, only to discover that they’ve forgotten the cranberry. When the server returns with it, it’s in a little It was pointed out to her by someone at the table after she finished her meal that she had neglected to use the cranberry sauce that she had ordered “Oh, I don’t like cranberry sauce,” she explains. In response to this question, someone at the table asks, “So, why did you ask the server to bring you some Her response: “Because it’s included in the price.”


They gave the nazi salute in the center of Berlin (Germany), near the Jewish memorial.


The kangaroos are nowhere to be found.

Greetings, sir! You are in Austria not in Australia.


-American-Tourists-Iceland. When there isn’t a pandemic, we get many tourists, and around half of them are Ignorance and refuse to realize that things function differently. Here are the main culprits there are also a few tourists who are upset that English isn’t the default language at establishments that aren’t even related to tourism, even though the majority of people here speak It’s a sin to speak our tongue in the Of course, there are also the Northern Lots of people seem to think that we can flick a switch and the Northern Lights appear.


Someone unlawfully burns down my hometown’s famed annual enormous hay goat every year. If you are caught burning something down, you will be charged with arson. The town’s annual fires were brought to the attention of a visiting American. he burns the goat, he is captured by the police and sentenced to prison. (2003)


A woman from the United States came to visit me in France, and we struck up a (friend of a friend of a family member). There comes a time when it’s necessary to discuss the distinctions between. In her words, “The United States of America is the only country in the world with But she wasn’t joking. This is what I asked her: “What do you As in France, we’re likewise free. She wants me to admit something creepy and in return, I was like, “Really?” I nodded and walked away.


I am and as I was on my way to work in an English train station. Two hugely obese American women in flowery dresses sit on the bench to my left, loudly discussing how ancient and s***ty our train stations look. I have a young Asian man sitting to my right who gets up and moves near the Americas to throw something in the trash. A member of the group yells when he gets close.

A woman asks, “You’re not Chinese at all?”


Then she asks, ‘Which

“South Korea misses,” he said.

GOOD: ‘Those North Koreans are nuts; we should bomb them!’ HER

As the women continued to talk about how Asian countries are all terrible and America should do something about it, he left and quietly sat back down.

It’s just nasty, loud, and ignorant conduct.


In China, I had supper with an American. The waiter did not comprehend his request for water in English. He spoke up and repeated himself in a patronizingly slow voice, but the waiter, who couldn’t speak English, didn’t understand him this time around either The server disappeared when I asked for water in Chinese. When the American returned, he stated, “It’s so annoying. Even if there are a lot of things that might be frustrating and bothersome in China, merely expecting others to be able to understand what you’re saying is ridiculous.


The country I’m from is well-known for its anti-terrorist efforts. Now that we’ve won it and the country has been safe for several years, we’re seeing tourists return to our country again. It’s a very welcoming place a Regardless of their wealth; everyone is working to rehabilitate the country’s image after the war. The result is that street sellers and restaurant owners frequently refuse to accept payment from tourists for their food. According to them, “you’re our guests.” I think this is a lovely and generous gesture, given that these people don’t have much and struggle to make ends meet the majority of the time. Due to youtube, this thing has gotten quite popular in the last year or two, and many international vloggers are taking advantage of this new phenomenon. Most of the time, they don’t even pay the street vendors when they Instead of going to an expensive restaurant that they could afford, some people flock to these vendors intentionally to avoid paying for their food and drinks. I can understand and accept it, but I wouldn’t say I like it when used as a means of abuse. While many international vloggers make a lot of money, it’s almost as if they’re robbing the street sellers. You may think that some of this is incoherent. It’s possible that the people can cease giving them free meals, but this has been a part of our culture and custom for decades, and it takes a long time to I’ll add my two cents and say that you should take What we do is purely out of love and is a reflection of who we As long as you don’t take advantage of And if someone is kind to you, please return the favor by doing the same Is it possible to do this by tipping someone Something like this would be fantastic.


There we were in Tajikistan, having tea with a local who told us about his family and how many children they had and so on. What kind of contraception does your wife use? Does she use herbs or something?’ asked the only American in the group. …. Everyone was shocked, and he gently skirted the topic, and then there was a long awkward quiet between the two of them. In the end, she requested again. One of the other tour members said, “I guess it’s time to go, thanks for having us” at that point.


Her politeness prompted her to inquire about the numerous churches in our city (we have quite a few, some of which are extremely old), which were the loveliest, etc., and she asked me to point them out on a map. It’s going well so far. As a follow-up, she inquired which I told her as politely as possible that I didn’t go to church. Her next move was to grasp my arm, scribble the sign of the cross on my forehead, and tell me she was going to pray for me. If you are a lady, please do not touch me!


As a result, I’ve seen many exchanges between Americans, and When the guardsman screams at them or plows through them when marching, it makes me giggle. Keep an eye on the lads. They have a job to do.


While waiting tables in Croatia during tourist seasons, I’ve encountered numerous individuals – some excellent, some awful — but Americans are by far the worst offenders in my experience. French and British drink and laugh but don’t tip as much, and Italians are irritating yet reasonable in their expectations.

White Americans, on the other hand, are a disaster. It’s not uncommon for them to ask for food that isn’t on the menu, such as pizza or fast food items like nuggets, to flirt with our waiters despite being told to stop, to leave without paying, and to insist on splitting the bill for some We have to do something about this degenerate who comes into the restaurant and starts ranting at us, demanding to know why it is so loud. Because the church bell was too loud for him, the [friggin] American asked that we, waiters and chefs, request that the church bell ringer cease his ringing so that he could eat. In the end, my colleague and I had to pursue this guy out of the building and tell them. That guy is a jerk.


An American with a selfie stick in a t-shirt and shorts asked me where Mount Fuji was after I came down from the peak after an 8-hour climb and 4-hour descend with three layers of clothing to shield myself from the weather. “We’re on Mount Fuji,” I told him. “It’s a big mountain/vul. What about the summit?” he asked. I pointed to the summit and told him that he’d have to hike, for Man came in with his selfie stick thinking he could take a few quick selfies on the summit and then return to Tokyo.


There were victims of Agent Orange on the top floor of the American War Museum in Vietnam, which was heartbreaking to behold. He walked through the museum wearing a t-shirt with an American flag, many firearms, and Freedom the American Way written in big, bold letters in the center. Even though I understand that some individuals are patriotic, I felt it was pretty disgusting.


To refuse to pay for their round On the streets of Ireland, this system was described to them after being introduced to it. As a result, they had gleefully drunk. Everyone’s cups were emptied by the time it was their turn. As a result of this, I was informed that “Guess it’s your round..” and they replied, “I think I’m good now, thanks.” As a side note, yes, I did buy the round for everyone else on


“You’re quite bright for a Mexican,” someone informed me. In addition to the fact that it was racially insensitive, I am


When I visited Rome on a gastronomy tour, I was a Briton. Two women from Chicago (I know this because they told us 20 times) would stop the tour guide at every opportunity to inform him that Chicago invented pizza and that the pizza here wasn’t as delicious because “true pizza is deep dish,” and the other woman would agree with her. On the four-hour trip, they highlighted it at least every twenty minutes. The tour’s visit to the pizza was as


On a train, he lectured me for three hours on why Australia should end free healthcare.

If you want to listen to that for 3 hours, you’ll need


When he asked me for directions, he was irritated because my English wasn’t excellent. As a Canadian, he stated I should be fluent in French, but I’m doing my best to interact with the locals despite the accent.


 Two coach loads of American tourists come up, they all got off on the normal “you won’t get long enough to see this place” type tour truly. One lady quite proudly declares she is an expert on lavender and that this place was “cute, but it’s all false, the lavender isn’t the appropriate color.” There were bees and other insects all over it, the whole farm smelt beautiful, and a harvest took place! It was genuine.


An American exchange student protested to me in disgust that book stores in Germany have so many books in German. I mean, it’s not unusual here for every book store to even have a tiny part of books in various languages, including English, so it’s not like she never got to buy a book here; she could read…


I was working in a pub in Scotland. One night with her daughter, a mom refused to pay with anything other than American currency. It was a super uncomfortable situation, me trying to explain how stupid it all was; her daughter (who I think was living in Scotland) was trying to calm her down and trying to pay, but the mother kept pulling her hand away from the card machine saying “you people love our money, our money is more important than yours.” She kicked on, her daughter ended up paying. Then she had a go at me for embarrassing her kid. She even made a review on trip advisor explaining the scenario; she articulated it exactly wrote herself as the bag guy in the review. F**king mind-boggling how crazy this bird was.


India. Women’s seats are available in Subway. A twenty-year-old American refused to let the women who were standing sit down. It took everyone about five minutes to ask for him.


I don’t mean to be rude, but Bruges in Belgium is a well-preserved town. When does this theme park close?


We were made fun of because of our money and the way it was. As a result, they threw many bills at my sister and asked her to figure it out and give them a chance. They claimed they couldn’t figure it out because it was so Because we’re from Canada; there’s a number right there on the All of us were fluent in A few hundred dollars were given to my sister by The fries were $5 at an apple festival. Wtf