15 Perfectly Timed Photographs Captured Just Seconds Before The Disaster Struck!

by Tashia J. Hansen

Sometimes, photographers take such pictures that are so perfectly-timed, that you can’t even recreate them even if you tried a hundred times. Like the moment when you are trying to capture a cute picture with your baby and he decides to puke on you that instant. Or, when someone gets hit with a volleyball in the face while at the beach. 

Deep down, we all love laughing at the misery of other people, and by that, we certainly don’t mean famines, floods, starvation, or that kind of sensitive matter. We mean, laughing at all those ridiculously dumb people who hurt themselves by doing dumb acts that make no sense. 

We have compiled a list of the 15 perfectly timed photographs captured just seconds before the disaster struck. All of these are so tragic yet so incredibly hilarious to view. Check them out and let us know which picture made you laugh the hardest! 

Do you think he caught him? 

You can see how this guy in the background is trying his best to catch these kids on time. Do you think he caught them on time? Maybe yes, maybe not. But one thing is for sure, and that is, they won’t be getting back on this horse any time soon. 

Yikes! That must have hurt: 

I don’t think that she was playing basketball or kickball, but how did she get hit in the face then? The poor girl probably just wanted to take a cute picture in the sun but instead, got a huge red mark on her cheek for a week. 

This got a little too intense: 

Remember when we were little and our parents gave us sports toys to play with. Well, this little boy seems to have gotten a little too excited, or intense I must say. Plus, this guy won’t be so happy if he ended up with a broken nose. 

That’s not how it works sweetheart: 

It seems like this girl has never shot a bullet in her entire life. Someone, please tell the poor lass that this is not how you hold a gun! 

See you in the hospital: 

It is pretty clear that these people have never experienced movers. Who tries to move a giant couch through the window on a ladder? I mean, there are better ways to do that. 

Too busy to notice: 

This guy is out on the streets on a sunny day, calling someone, smiling, and riding his bike. Can you spot what went wrong in this photo? 

No kitty No! 

This cat is about to ruin this poor boy’s lifelong prized possessions with just one kick. But hey, can you really blame this cat? I mean, who keeps their things on shelves when you have a mischievous cat in the house? 

Shooting for the sky: 

We can surely tell that this girl never learned how to get off a moving swing properly when she was young. Either that or she is just a professional gymnast who is going to perform an amazing crane trick and we are too unfortunate to have missed it. 

I hope it’s staged: 

From the look on this poor guy’s face, we are guessing that this fall was not staged. Or maybe this little girl is pulling off a stunt and purposefully fell on the slimy, soapy ground. 

Trying out his armor: 

Everyone in this photograph seems way too drunk to know what they are doing. That’s the only reason we could think off because in this case, both of the fellas are going to get hurt. The Irish-looking hat guy is falling hard on this butt, and the bearded guy will be going home with some bruises. 

Hey Sis, silly string incoming: 

If you have siblings, then you might already know how much fun it is to torture your younger siblings in every possible way. Just check out this sibling shooting their little sister with a silly string directly in the eye. Let me tell you that you’re not supposed to do that with silly strings. 

She seems quite happy: 

I’ll be honest with you guys, it took me a little while to understand what’s going on in this picture, but it looks like a cake is coming straight towards a girl’s face, and she’s embracing it like a true queen. 

Soccer is intense! 

Just by looking at this tragic picture, I feel bad for the poor fella who just came to play some soccer. Someone hit it right in the face and this picture is the proof. Perfect face plant, some might say. 

I can feel it: 

Looks like the little kid didn’t have much time to respond to the situation. 

Too late? 

You know what they say; Grandmas always got your back! 

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