‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’: Bicycle version

by heatfeed
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ Bicycle version

Of late, Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh witnessed an unusual love story of a 23-year-old stubborn man; Kalku Prajapati, who readily risked it all to get married to his lady; Rinki. The latter stayed in Puniya village, which is roughly 100 km away from the formers residential place.

Man On A Mission:

Their marriage was initially dated on April 25. However, due to the prevailing conditions and mandates of the country, he did not receive permission from the administration for his marriage. It made Kalku restless, and therefore, he decided to go solo on a bicycle.

Braving All Odds

Despite owning a motorcycle, Prajapati was unable to use it. As he did not possess a driving license.

He also mentioned how his in-laws had pre-printed his wedding cards and how ecstatic they were about the wedding. 

He also recalled how painful the journey was for him on his way back, as he had to carry the load of two on his feet. The night he returned, he had to resort to pain killers to subside his leg-pain.

Love Conquers All

Taking into consideration the current scenario and the compulsions, Kalku threw on the most comfortable pair of clothes he had (loose-fitting jeans and a T-shirt) and covered his mouth with a handkerchief to save himself from any infection. And he started his journey.

Ecstatically the couple got married at Baba Dhyanidas Ashram on April 28. Both the bride and the groom posed ecstatically with covered mouths in front of the camera to capture the very moment right before tying the knot. And merrily returned the next day to Hamirpur.

On being asked about the overall experience, Kalku mentioned his longing for a memorable wedding but did not expect it to be his memory. The marriage was undoubtedly one of a kind.