Comics That Show Parents Struggles While Expecting Another Baby

by Emilia

Parenting is a difficult yet beautiful role. Yehuda Devir is a comic artist who reflects on his relationship with his wife Maya. As the years passed on, their kids also become part of their comic series. All the parents and parents relate to the illustrations in the comic book.

1. The Arrival Of Big Sister

4. The Sandwich

5. Difficult To Work

6. Let The Clock Start Ticking

Going Here And There

First Words Of A Child Are Always Precious

Filled In, No Space

Me Time

Bearing the Heavy Burden

Being Insensitive And Insecure

School Time

Helping Her

Time To Cover The Nose

Stick To The Television

Strange Food Cravings

  1. Multi Tasking

Going On Vacation With A Kid

Fights To Win Co-Parenting

By Mom And Dad

Times Up

A Stinky Smell

Always Keep Quiet

New Addition To The Family

All Sorted Out

Tickle Tickle

Everyone Needs Mama

Sleep-Deprived Parents

Signs Of Getting Older

Zoning Out Due To Tiredness

Together In Thick And Thin

Incoming Winter Season

Teaming Up To Take Care Of A Kids