I Worked At A Glass Shop For Two Years And After I Lost My Job During The Pandemic, I Started Making Colorful Art From Stained Glass (43 Pics)

by heatfeed

Art is a skill to make anything beautiful from useless or raw materials. Something colorful that can attract many eyes. Something that has the power to calm our minds is also art.

Art could not be explained with just words. It is something that can only be felt deep inside our hearts. Art is a wordless story of beauty.

Anything that is beautiful, attractive, or somehow colorful could be a masterpiece of art. Art has many types. Painting, sculpture, photography, pottery making, and many more. Glass art is also one of them.

A beautifully designed pattern of colorful glass is called glass art. Glass art also has many types, like glass sculpture, glass paintings, stained glass ornaments, and more.

Marta, a stained glass artist. She made colorful art or ornaments from stained art. Marta belongs from Poland but currently lives in Bristol, UK.

She is creative by birth, she loves to make art. Three years ago she applied for a job with some stained glass workers, lucky she gets hired.

After two years of working, as the pandemic started she lost her job. 

During her job, she started taking interest in glassmaking, after attending few workshops she learned the basic process of making stained glass.

She was an artist by birth so the crafts of stained glass attract her very much. She started making crafts from stained glass. Then she decided to take a step to turn her passion into her business.

No. 1

Marta loves making beautiful crafts and ornaments of glass. She found herself lucky because her passion becomes a source of earning for her. 

No. 2

She made so cute and colorful hanging ornaments from stained glass, like stars, birds, fishes, Christmas decors,  animals, butterflies, and many other patterns. 

These small hanging ornaments are called sun-catchers. 

No. 3

No. 4

No. 5

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No. 7

No. 8

No. 9

No. 10

She also makes large size beautiful panels for home decor. Stained glass sun catchers and panels are so attractive. When the sun rays pass through them they look so enchanting. 

Like they are casting spells on the eyes, no one could escape from that magic spell. 

No. 11

No. 12

No. 13

No. 14

No. 15

No. 16

She made her hanging more attractive by choosing a good color scheme. Moreover, when she adds rainbow effects on a piece of her craft it started looking more stunning than it was before. 

The stained glass handmade crafts are a good option to gift someone that is closed to your heart. It is a small but super cute gift that can bring a smile to someone’s face.

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Final thoughts:

The stained glass has so many flaws in it, but those flaws and uneven tones make it attractive. Stained glass can add color to your black and white world. 

It is a small thing that can change your mood. Stained glass is symbolized as sincerity and hope. So you can gift stained glass crafts to your loved ones.