The Before and After “Celebrity Photoshop” photos will make you question everything around you!

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For as long as we can remember, there have been some pretty unrealistic standards of beauty in society, which are nearly impossible to achieve. They are downright ridiculous because every single body type is just as beautiful as the other. And, you’ll be quite shocked to see what lengths an average person will go to try to achieve such standards, just so they can match the status quo, or physically look according to what our society wants us to look like. 

This unrealistic standard of beauty didn’t just come a couple of years ago, it has been here for over 3 centuries. Back in the early 1900s, women literally wore radium on their faces and bodies only to get that luminous effect and wore tight corsets just so they can achieve that “slim and slender” look. 

Nowadays, every single thing that models and celebrities do is showcased everywhere on the internet. A grand event takes place in Hollywood, and you’ll see thousands of young girls already feeling self-conscious. Everywhere we go, we see giant posters of celebrities promoting and advertising bodysuits, makeup items that’ll transform your whole face, and so forth. Be it models, musicians, actors, or actresses, these famous people are everywhere flaunting their “perfect” faces and bodies. But is all of that even real? Absolutely NOT! 

Check out these before and after “Celebrities Photoshop” photos that will totally blow your mind and make you question the authenticity of everything around you! 


Madonna is definitely one of the most iconic performers out there but we certainly don’t expect her to look flawless at 59 years old. Seeing these before and after comparisons of Madonna’s photographs will give you major red Photoshop flags. Airbrushing a celebrity’s wrinkles and loose skins just leave their fans scoffing at times. 

Candice Huffine: 

Candice Huffine said herself that she is a proud plus-size model and doesn’t want to follow any unrealistic beauty standards the society may try to place on her, and quite frankly, she is stunning just the way she is! The left image was the one that got featured in the magazine and it proves how much of a difference Photoshop can make. 

Angelina Jolie: 

With her enthralling acting skills and unmatchable facial features, Angelina Jolie has been the queen of Hollywood for as long as we can remember. But even for the most beautiful women in the world, these societal beauty standards can be hard to live up to. Her raw beauty has been airbrushed to deceive young girls into thinking they are not perfect, but the truth is, nobody is perfect and we are all beautiful in our own ways. 

Justin Bieber: 

The famous singer/songwriter Justin Bieber did an undergarments campaign for Calvin Klein a couple of years ago, and the photographs from that campaign went viral and were the talk of the town for a long time. Justin also took notice of the situation and his team threatened the website to take down the Photoshopped images. 

Britney Spears: 

It’s Britney b*tch! The 36-year-old star is also no stranger to the unrealistic beauty standards of the industry. In fact, every little thing that this singer used to do in the past years was criticized to the most. One time, Britney herself revealed the before-after shots of the campaign and told her viewers how women in this industry are pressurized to look “perfect”. 


Last year, a website named “The Beyonce World” leaked almost 224 photos of this Hollywood Queen that were untouched and completely raw. Even though these images were removed from the websites after Beyonce’s “rabid” fans got extremely furious, an administrator from that website told that he just wanted people to know that Beyonce is a natural beauty and doesn’t need such fake Photoshop to fit in. 

Penelope Cruz:

Do you ever open your social media accounts and see female celebrities all dolled-up, with not a single mark on their beautiful faces? Well, remember that pictures can be deceiving and all that might not even be real. The 44-year old Spanish beauty, Penelope Cruz, is also no stranger to the Photoshop feature, and you can see in these images that her fine lines have been erased, skin complexion has been lightened, and dark circles have been airbrushed. 

Cindy Crawford: 

Imagine one of the most stunning models of the American beauty industry being so fabulously flawed that it thrilled millions of fans when an un-touched photograph of Cindy Crawford went viral back in 2015! However, this time, the un-touched image was the fake one. Cindy told in an interview that she felt manipulated and conflicted about the whole situation. But one thing is for sure, and that is, this Hollywood star is as foxy as ever, even in her 50s! 

Katy Perry: 

It doesn’t matter if you are one of the most successful stars in the modern entertainment world, it still won’t save you from the unrealistic beauty standards of Hollywood. All of the success Katy Perry has gotten in her career didn’t stop someone from photoshopping her slimmer, with smoother and shiner skin, and thicker breasts. 

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