Celebrities Shared Their Parenting Hacks And They Are Worth Giving A Shot:

by heatfeed

Celebrities seem like blessed creations who spent their lives in the arms of luxury. Moreover, it seems like they have a big fortune to spare with no care. However, they also got a family to take care of like all of us. They also have babies who demand love and care from their parents. Some of the favorites of all celebrities shared unique parenting tips you surely won’t wanna miss. 

Sir Elton John Unique Way Of Teaching Finance:

Sir Elton earned a big fortune over the years but he was not always like this. He doesn’t come from a  rich family. That means, he got money only on weekends which he spent on buying something for his mother or records. Unlike him his two children have everything and they are never deprived. So, he crafted a unique strategy to teach them a sense of budget. For this, he keeps three jars at home. Whenever his kids got money, he made them divide the money into those three jars. One jar is for earnings, the second is for savings and the third is for charity. What a nice way of keeping balance.

Melissa Joan Hart bought fragrant soap for a reason:

 Good Parenting is a difficult task that can be made easy by some tricks. Melissa explained that her husband didn’t let kids do anything without washing hands. However, kids know ways to fool parents, so we buy a fragrant soap. Whenever they come home after sports or from anywhere I ask them to wash their hands. Of course, they lie saying they had washed them already. So I asked them to let me smell their hands. Upon this, they will say Okay I will go and wash them again.

Chrissy Teigen encourages kids into eating by making a menu:

Being an actress, model, cook, and mom, Chrissy Teigen wears too many hats. So she combines all her roles into the kitchen as her kids are picky eaters. Making such kids eat is nothing less than a headache. To encourage kids into eating, she daily makes a breakfast menu and makes them choose from it like some cafe. Adults like nice dining and kids are not much different from them, she explained. Mums on the internet loved the idea and it’s spreading like fire.

Drew Barrymore Shares Her Calendar With Her Daughter:

Being a working mom is not easy. So Drew made a calendar for her daughter and marked all the days she will be traveling. When the trip ends, she asks her daughter to mark them with a cross. Doing this is quite beneficial, she explained. This way her daughter knows when to wait for her mom. She knew her mom won’t be there at the start, she won’t be there in the middle but she will surely come back in the end. Creative! She further explained, her daughter now has a full sense of her mom’s geographical place in the globe.

Gisele Bundchen Shared An Innovative Tip To Washroom Train Kids:

Leaving a diaper and getting to pot is the first triumph of a baby. However, it is not easy. But Gisele with her unique trick made it easy. She said the trick even works at the age of 6 months for his son. All you need to do is watch the kid closely. When you get the sign he’s about to go, put him on the pot, and within 5 minutes, here you go. She said,  do this strictly to your kid several times a day and soon he will get the idea.

Bethenny Frankel Insisted On Breastfeeding Privately:

Bethenny Frankel shared her motherhood journey with fans including her choice of breastfeeding her daughter. But she opposed the act of breastfeeding publicly. She said she feels that you shouldn’t show your boobs to anyone other than your husband and kids. Keeping your boobs away from the dining table is a healthy tip for dieting. This got varying responses. Some people consider her opinion harsh and others agree with her. It sparks a long debate that didn’t seem like reaching an ending.

Busy Philips Uses A  Sibling Rivalry Strategy To Make Them Eat Vegetables:

 Making kids take the essential vitamins is difficult. However, Philips invented a technique to cope with this. She explained, I invited them into an eating competition without them knowing. I would say, I am sure Cricket will finish his Brocolii first. Upon this, Birdie will say, No I will eat first. This way they keep on eating without thinking they dislike the veggie and have developed a taste for it. Yeah! No parents made their kids compete with each other but if the intention is right there is nothing wrong with it.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Make her kids pay for wasting food:

Saving food is the responsibility of every human being and seems like Sarah owns this very well. She explained, sometimes her daughter asks for a cup of milk and then isn’t gonna drink it. In no time, it had become her behavioral pattern. So, she made a rule to cope with this. Whenever she asks for milk and doesn’t drink it, Sara draws a quarter of the money out of her piggy bank. After all, someone should pay for the wasted milk. Sarah can waste tons of milk but she doesn’t want to spoil her kids. Sarah always seemed humble and this proved it. Moreover, she is the one with the longest till now in Hollywood and still going on strong.