Celebrities Express Their Support For Britney Spears Who Decides To Put An End To Her Conservatorship

by heatfeed

Britney Spears was a well-known singer in the ’90s. She spent her life beautifully and very socially. Her career was at its peak in that era. But due to some reasons she was suffering from life issues in the last decade and facing conservatorship under court. But a few times back she raised her voice against this and appealed to the court to end her conservatorship.

Well-known faces of the industry stood by her side and supported her decision and also raised their voices for her. 

In a conservatorship, the rights of someone’s life are totally owned and ruled by the court. A person is under the decision of the courts. We can say that a person is totally paralyzed in making decisions for herself. It makes the person mentally disturbed and the person becomes stressed out. In this tough situation, she raised her voice which is incredible for any person who is suffering from conservatorship.

Family support is one of the main things which helps the person out of any difficult situation. And Britney’s family especially her father is being highlighted throughout the case. He is side by side with his daughter and supports her in every decision. 

This leads to the decision that Britney made after 13 years to live life freely and appeal to finish conservatorship.

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She has been living in conservatorship for 13 years. Her father and family have also suffered from this since 2008. And after this decision celebrities and her fans appreciate her and can’t resist praising her decision.


People raise their voice in her support as one of the tweets above shows people want the court to remove conservatorship as nobody rules on another’s body. It’s her own choice to do what he wants to do with her life.

Mass of the people felt encouraged as she raised her voice against her and stood for herself. She stood for her rights.

She was suffering from psychological issues and stress at that time and then she raised her voice for herself and demanded to end the conservatorship. She added, these years are so disturbing for her that they disturbed her mentally. And now she demands to live a normal life. She wants to get married and wants to live freely again. For those who don’t know conservatorship not only disturbs her but also her family including her father and controls their lives also.

Fans of Britney Spears drew a rally outside in her support and it was massive support which shows the love of people for her. It also creates pressure on the court to remove the restrictions on her and let her life free.

She is very disturbed with the control of her life as she can’t even live her life freely. Because under court she is not able to make her life decisions.



Rosie talks about Britney in her program with her guests and supports her. Her guests also had sympathetic words on this issue with Britney and they all supported them.