Which will cause look different in bizarre celebrities?

by heatfeed

These bizarre celebrities to having strange body parts; these strange celebrity facts will forever change your view of them.

Charlie Sheen Tried To Hunt The Loch Ness Monster With A Leg Of Lamb:

Charlie Sheen went searching for the Loch Ness monster with a leg of lamb recently. We cannot understand if he found everything, or caught a hungry fish; however, the man has been off his rocker for quite some time. This was strange behavior at the time?

Nicolas Cage Once Outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for a Dinosaur Skull:

Cage in 2007 got in a bidding war of Dicaprio over the prehistoric skull, but Cage outbid him. He was paid $270,000 for a 67 million-year-old piece of bone. This strange behavior thinks that why it was so desperate to buy it.

Channing Tatum Was In Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” Video:

Almost everyone thought that Channing Tatum from the start when he starred in Step Up, but we all forgot that. We have to miss it when he starred in Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” video.

Tim Allen Served 2 Years in Prison for Possession of Cocaine

In an airport, Allen was stopped with almost two pounds of cocaine. That’s why he spent two years in prison for this offense. Almost everyone thought that he would go on to become the most famous actor in Hollywood. His parol office thought he would end up back in jail.

Christopher Walken Used to Be a Lion Tamer:

Christopher Walken said in an interview, the lion was as tame as a dog. In the show, he was entering the lion arena with a beat and acquires a lion named Sheba to roll over on command.

Lady Gaga Spent $50K To Find Out If A Ghost Was Haunting Her:

Lady Gaga seriously thought that she paid $50,000 to check the electromagnetic field in all the hotels she stays in when on tour. Can you visualize working at one of those hotels? That would be very mystifying.

Keanu Reeves Almost Changed His Name:

Keanu Reeves come in acting he thought that changing his name to Chuck Spadina. Maybe he thought it sounded more attractive for movie producers and casting directors, but to us, it sounds like the name of some random pizzeria in the midwest.

Madonna Was Once Fired From Her Job At Dunkin Donuts: 

Everyone knows Madonna was the queen of pop, but she had to work hard to get there.  She was a global superstar, but she was working minimum wage jobs just like the rest of us. Although working at Dunkin Donuts, Madonna was playing with the jelly machine, and she got fired. 

Eva Mendes Wanted to Be a Nun:

Eva Mendes is a gorgeous actress but she had different life goals. Mendes desire to be a nun and she knew that they don’t get paid. As a child, it was a dream, but she said that she wanted to buy her mom a house ultimately, so she needed a job that would pay, and that’s wherever the convent dream ended.

Bono Once Bought a Plane Ticket for His Hat:

Can you imagine everyone its true, Bono paid $1,200 for a plane ticket for his hat? When he left for his tour and forgot his hat, he went to huge lengths to acquire it.