Cat Brings Her Kitten To Hospital In Istanbul

by heatfeed
Cat Brings Her Kitten To Hospital In Istanbul

If you are an ailurophile or merely a cat person, this news will be music to your ears. Recently, photos taken at one of Istanbul Hospital’s emergency rooms have been doing rounds on social media.

The touching pictures were initially posted by a user named Merve Ozcan on Twitter. In the photos, a mother cat is being seen carrying her kitten to the emergency ward of the hospital, just like any human would do.

The mother had reportedly given birth in the vicinity of the hospital. 

The Paramedics Extended Help

The paramedics on seeing the mother cat with its offspring provided them with all the essential health amenities that were required. The kitten was sent to the vet, and so was the mother for a further check-up. While the kitten was being checked, the hospital staff offered the cat some food to comfort her.

Viral Pictures

The pictures have gone viral shortly after being uploaded, garnering over 80000+ likes and myriads of comments on Twitter. The caption briefed on how a cat rushed into the emergency ward of the hospital, carrying its kitten.

Heartwarming Comments

The pictures also made their way to edit, wherein several people praised the medics for their generosity towards the four-legged friend and its offspring. The images were showered with comments praising the Turkish culture of treating stray animals.

One user was seen praising Turkish culture. She mentioned how the citizens take care of the stray cats by offering them food and water on every corner of the street. She also said the fact that the country is home to myriads of stray cats and dogs.

While one user expressed her flow of emotions, she couldn’t keep at bay on seeing the picture.
“Cat knows where to get help. This is heartwarming,” said another.
According to the reports, the kitten and the mother are in good health.