Capricorn Zodiac Sign

by Katie J. Ray
Capricorn Dates  December 22 – January 19 
Elements Earth 
Quality Cardinal
ColorBlack, Brown 
Capricorn Compatability Cancer, Taurus
Lucky Number 4, 8, 13, 22
Day Saturday 

Capricorn Personality Traits 

Capricorn StrengthsCapricorn WeaknessesCapricorn LikesCapricorn Dislikes
Dedicated, Goal-oriented, Self-control, Time-keepers, Responsible, Leaders, Patronizing, Haughty, heartlessly unforgiving, Smart Aleck, Expecting the worstVariety of craftsmanship, music, traditions, family, understanding the dignityAt some points dislikes almost everything
Capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorn Characteristics 

Capricorn constellation sign comes on the tenth number in the list of the zodiac signs and last earth sign. Capricorn star signs are exceptionally special because mostly they are named as unique spirits. This powerful star is symbolized by a mythical creature sea-goat body of a goat and the tail of fish. The mysterious symbol represents communication and a win-win attitude. People born under this star possess both emotional and materialistic skills. Sea goats are the known as Capricorn symbol. Capricorn traits shows that they are masters of self-control, party lovers. they make solid plans, especially when it comes to leading others who work with them at any given time. Constellation of Capricorn symbol is available on Wikipedia.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Personality 

Capricorns are time-keepers and therefore revel in responsibility. Generally, Capricorn is often serious and has an inner state of independence that really helps them shine in their professional lives. Capricorn horoscope are well-known for learning from their mistakes etching away at things until they finally achieve the results they set out to get gradually. This means as business owners, you have to do your best to be receptive to others’ opinions in order to arrive at workable solutions. These extraordinary earth signs have the ability to lead as well as plan out their future endeavors before committing to actions that might steer them off course. January zodiac are natural leaders who can easily control themselves and thus others too because a leader with self-control is always someone others trust to be in charge or otherwise lead the way! 

What type of sign is Capricorn? 

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn zodiac sign. the energy of this planet represents restrictions of all kinds. Capricorns are experts when it comes to strategy since they have the inborn skill to create it in virtually any facet of their life. Its presence creates a real sense of limitation but at the same time, it creates a sense of reality. Zodiac Capricorns can be very practical in a positive way because these individuals are quite reliable and responsible even sometimes becoming harsh. Being cardinal sign they are always motivated to start new projects actually this star is all about new ideas.

What is special about Capricorn Zodiac Sign? 

Capricorn animal is absolute authority figure. Having the head and tail of a fish and the body of a goat, it is completely comfortable under both water and ground. Capricorns are the supreme commander of your zodiac. These earth signs remain ever-grateful and full of wisdom. Living up to the sky is associated with the characteristics of this sign. Being brilliant commanders their perspectives are vast and ceaseless as they tend to control all that surrounds them as a protective measure from outside forces. Terribly powerful but also terribly shy in some ways. Zodiac Capricorn sign is meant to symbolize the rejection of fear in general, you can say fear over death, to fear over getting hurt, and to fear over what people might think about us – anything that has the ability to make us feel like we can’t totally be ourselves comes into play here.

What are Capricorns Weaknesses? 

  • Actually, at some points, Capricorns dislikes everything which makes them harsh and stubborn.
  • These earth signs are brave enough to never run away but constantly afraid or guilty about their inner monsters.
  • Being a sign of responsibility, Capricorn’s punctuality makes them cruel, distant, and unforgiving. 
  • They tend to excessively question themselves over what they think they’ve done wrong which can only bring them more suffering than necessary.  Because Saturn teaches a lot about taking responsibility for your actions and their consequences.
  •  Capricorn earth sign have to learn there’s no need for self-constructive criticism if there isn’t any actual wrongdoing!
  • For this earth sign goatfish, it’s important to know that things aren’t always going to be perfect or easy but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your best at them!
  • It is said that any force unleashed by a Capricorn’s mind will surely cause panic among those around them or even themselves. 
  •  If Capricorn zodiac sign is unable to control themselves, these creatures turn into monsters if they become afraid which marks the beginning of what seems an inevitable chain reaction of fearful events that will inevitably make things worse for everyone involved!

Who should avoid Capricorns? 

Being supreme commander January zodiac can hook up with all zodiac signs except those who stand in their way. This sign values transparency and honesty so they don’t believe in playing pretty games. They absolutely hate people-pleasing by ego-stroking, even prefer someone super blunt. Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra can be turned off by the judgmental tone of Capricorn. These sea goats have to realize that not everyone is capable to appreciate tough love. To overcome all the misunderstandings briefly get knowledge about Capricorn strength and weakness.

 Capricorn Love and Sex

The most difficult thing for Capricorn best compatible is to win their heart and attention. Because restrictions, leadership, and responsibility make them difficult personalities once, their walls are broken and heart melts they become committed for a lifetime no matter which type of their partner is. Their partners have to do an effort about sharing feelings that makes a deep emotional place in Capricorn’s heart as a reward. These sea goats require years to explain their actual emotional problem. Capricorn compatibility depends upon the sensitivity, it can be seen in acts of stiff earth signs rather than words. Being committed to a partner, the lover will stick them as honey bee sticks to flowers. 

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