Butterfly Effects In Real Life

by Katie J. Ray

From the 2004 American sci-fi movie featuring young Ashton Kutcher. You have doubtless heard of the “butterfly effect”

butterfly effects


my butterfly love story

TL; DR: I over-drafted, got five babies, and caused four marriages.


poetry competition

When I was 17 years old, my teacher encouraged me to enter a poetry competition.


story begin with incident


love borns with refunded money

She refunded the money back to the payphone when my dad needed someone’s phone number. And the love story begins from here.


professional astronomer

My reading habits made me a professional astronomer with gigantic space explosions studies for a living.


house with lights

My mother moved to Romania due of a soldier and meet up with a man who becomes my dad.


dierrea was the reason  of my love

Because my roommate had diarrhea that’s why I have met a girl with whom I got married and have a happy life.


Just to please my parents I was kicked out over a kitten saved me from wasting my life for an improbable career.


McDonald save our life

We were alive due to McDonald’s. They were run out of milk so we keep waiting in our room for another option. 58 people were dead that night at the festival.


I worked towards doing work for my master’s in french. She died 11 years ago. Now it is clear to me that she was with me on my life journey.


lefting bus give chance to life

My cousin left a bus suddenly and take a decision to go towards the restroom and catch the next bus. That ended up falling from a cliff.










fathers relation with child


baby loves toy




walking out through street




learn typing fast


drug leads to accident


soldier makes life better


share the beer and enjoy


passanger are ready to fly


saying good bye


love begins at first site


news paper


peierced ear


cold summer drink
butterfly effectslove story