Bizarre Celebrity Specifics That Will Make You Looks At Them Totally Differently

by heatfeed

These celebrities may be wealthier, confidential, and adored millions of people that are still humans.  These celebrities have different embarrassing secrets they would like to not remember and while we don’t want to air out everyone’s dirty laundry, it’s time to fall the tea on Hollywood’s biggest stars. From smuggling drugs to having bizarre body parts, these bizarre celebrity truths will eternally change your perceptions of them. 

Megan Fox Believes In Leprechauns:

Megan Fox is well-known for playing the beautiful girl who is surprisingly smart; but she doesn’t believe that the Lucky Charms mascot is going to come to steal her cereal, she does believe in leprechauns. She said in an interview that she has a “child-like spirit,” and she wants to believe in different things that people believe are silly.

Fox believes in the fantastic, even though some of her decisions are quite unusual. In an interview with Esquire, Fox revealed that she’s always been fascinated with the “secrets of the universe” and often wishes she was an archaeologist. She also stated during this interview that she has a belief in everything unusual, including fortune-telling, so much so that she feels like sometimes what doesn’t work out is for good reason.

Fox said that “we should all believe in leprechauns. I’m a believer.” She also went on to say that “what distracts me from my reality is Bigfoot. They’re my celebrities.” Fox, who has spoken about her belief in the extraordinary before, recently revealed her other unusual passion when she told People magazine that there are two things she loves and they are equally important to her; dressing up like a fox and splashing out on beauty products. Evidently, Fox subscribes to the theory that because something is not easily explained or understood it must be extraordinary.

Bill Murray Tried To Smuggle 10 Pounds Of Weed Into The US: 

Bill Murray on his 20th birthday was stopped in a Chicago airport with bricks of marijuana worth $20,000. After the celebration Murray was ready to fly back to Denver but, he made a very silly mistake while waiting in line. Murray joked to one of his fellow passengers that he was carrying two bombs in his suitcase, and someone overheard and reported him to security. When they go through Murray’s luggage they didn’t get explosives, but bricks of weed. Since he was a first-time criminal, he doesn’t go to jail but he served five years of probation.

After dropping out of college and getting involved with drugs, Mitch Murray went to rehab and eventually got a job as a security guard at the Second City theater in Chicago. After being encouraged to participate in an improv comedy group by one of his co-workers, Murray changed his life around. He began performing extensively and made the decision to move back home to New York City – which is where he truly found his comedy voice. Although he never graduated from college, Revueltas College did award Murray with an honorary PhD in 2007 – which was accepted by him wearing pajama jeans and a blazer over top.

Rebel Wilson Decided to Become an Actress After a Bizarre Experience:

Rebel Wilson before decided to start acting, was a studious person who fully focused on her school work and getting good grades. While in South Africa, this trip changed her life forever. Wilson caught malaria and was fevered for weeks. When she improved and recovered from the illness, she felt like a new person and sure she would go into acting. We don’t know what she hallucinated, but it should have been attractive stirring.

“I was in the hospital with a ruptured esophagus and I couldn’t hear or watch TV because of my drugs so I just started hallucinating that I was an actress giving an acceptance speech, but it was more like a rap”, Wilson said. “I’ll reevaluate my own accomplishments someday… Then again, when people have near-death experiences, many times their lives do change course and one thing is for sure – things will seem dorkier in hindsight.”

In 2011, after witnessing an Oscars performance in a video clip that she had taken, Wilson decided to quit her day job and move to Hollywood in pursuit of her Oscar-winning acting dreams. While it’s not evident how much she has achieved since this initial sighting of hers, it can be confirmed that there is a reason for her continued optimism as her career continues to thrive.

Rob Lowe Lost His Hearing In One Ear Because Of The Mumps:

Mumps is a horrible disease that killed tons of children, while Rob Lowe is lucky to be alive; it did leave him unable to hear in one ear. Lowe said he doesn’t really believe it that a lot, but it was irritating to sit in noisy restaurants. He couldn’t be glad about classical music the alike his West Wing costars did.

Lowe lost his hearing in infancy to mumps. Mumps is a viral infection (usually spread through saliva and mucus) that frequently causes hearing loss by damaging the cochlea, the inner-ear organ sensing sound wave vibration. “It can be embarrassing to go into a loud restaurant and not be able to hear what people are saying,” Robert E. Lowe told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I use FM [frequency modulation] assistive listening devices [and]. I have different ones at home, at work, and in my car.”

Ryan Gosling Was Almost In The Backstreet Boys: 

Many people are familiar with it that Ryan Gosling got his acting start on The Mickey Mouse Club but people don’t be familiar with it that he was almost a member of the Backstreet Boys. Gosling was this close to having had been in the rival boy band of his babyhood costar. However, Gosling didn’t think the band would hit it big – and boy was he wrong. While he is sure to leave out the boy band phase of his life, he still has a successful career, so we guess he complete the right choice.  He decided to join the Backstreet Boys; there wouldn’t have been The Notebook.