Bizarre Airport Moments That Will Make You Surprised

by Tashia J. Hansen

When we were children we used to believe that flying needs some supernatural gift. However, growing up reveals to us that it’s not the case. Flying is an experience full of a hassle unless you are a bird. From packing luggage to delayed flights to seeing all kinds of strangers, it’s an always rushing experience.

Moreover, the airport is a place where people of all types make an appearance. We collected some of the weirdest things people experienced at the airport. So, keep reading and you will be more conscious about any weird happening when you make your next visit to the airport.

 Be Ready for Delayed Flights

Knowing how to make yourself comfortable in an uncomfortable situation is an art not everyone is a master at. As flight delays are a normal thing, this person came with full preparation. Sleeping on the benches is not a favorable option. Also doing this you are occupying other people’s facilities to sit down at least. So this person brought a hammock, installed it in the middle of the waiting area, and made himself at home. Airports should provide such facilities but since airports don’t, you can facilitate yourself. Everyone in the waiting area must have been jealous of this man.

You Cannot Pass Before Me

Some people are quite stubborn about what they set their minds to. They fulfill it even if they have to fight with the whole world. The same thing happened here. This lady stopped an entire crowd behind her just because she wanted to pass through passport control first. She didn’t care if people were taking pictures. Neither she cared about anyone at the back nor did she let them pass.

Want Some Sushi?

We all have read, “Learn from your mistakes/experience”. But do we practice it? Not really. But some people do practice it. Recognizing your bags is difficult sometimes, especially when someone else got the same bag. These people may have had such an experience before so they covered their bag in a unique cover making them look like sushi. If traveling in style had a face, it must have looked like this.

Someone Please Help This Mother Take Deep Breaths:

Traveling with children is not easy no matter how well you planned everything. This mother will either be regretting bringing her children to the airport or will not bring them ever again. She tried to keep them in place not knowing their plan to move around in the opposite direction. Seeing this, people with no kids must be feeling the most blessed on the planet earth.

When You Can’t Find a Seat For Yourself

Travelling is exhausting, there is no doubt about this. And this person must have been through a lot to lie down like this. Of course, seats are not always available, and lying on them is also not comfy. However, she must have been someone who can do anything to take a nap or be very exhausted. That’s because she is without caring for hygiene or caring for people taking a nap peacefully.

Time to Make a Statement at the Airport

Travelling comes without any dress code but that doesn’t mean you should come looking like pink chic. People normally wear comfy clothes while traveling however, this man threw everything out of his mind. He either has extra pants in his bag or will be dying of cold.

Planes Seats Doesn’t Fit Everyone In

Airplane seats are designed keeping average people in mind. They are of course not for oversized people. And it is obvious as this man is sitting half in the chair and half out of the chair. He is blocking the way so surely no one could pass through him. Imagine how the air hostess will pass the trolley when she comes to serve food. He must buy two tickets the next time to have a comfortable journey.

Being Comfortable With Delayed Flights

This woman looks like a master of sleeping in unusual positions. She must be fully aware of the airport’s scheduling and the need to stay comfortable there. Sleep without occupying too much space. Let’s hope she may not have missed her flight. However, her unique sleeping strategy seems like she’s a pro and must have set many alarms to wake her up.

It’s Okay to Contortionist in Public Places

Sleep is something most people do while waiting at the airport or stuck waiting for a flight. Look at this woman, making herself comfortable without being rude to others by occupying the full row to sleep. Only she can tell how comfortable or uncomfortable she was. But the visual is saying she is lost in deep sleep.

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