The untold Bittersweet Moments of People

by Katie J. Ray

Our complex emotions, regret, happiness often come wrapped in a sheet of sadness are what make us human. All the below stories are told by people on a questioned post.


dog loved by mother

 A dog and mother-daughter have faced a bittersweet moment. For a moment he got to be a dog. Still, their little daughter kissed him and loved him. 


awsome 40 years

Old was ready to pass away due to cancer, dad holds her hand and said that thank you for 40 awesome years.


childhood friend

Sleepover with my childhood friend recently makes me happy. We listen to music laughed together and spent quality time.


suicide attempt

Woke up with a suicide attempt but the sweet part is that I woke up.


my first love

I love you for the very first time. I missed myself even I didn’t miss her at all. That was the bittersweet realization of my life.


my mom passed away

Before the death of my mom, she loved me and called me by my nickname, and fall asleep. That was the only last thing that I remember and still missing this moment.


my fiance funeral

At my fiance’s funeral, I tried to give my ring to his mother. But has refused to take it she said it is rude of me to take back his choice because he chooses you for this ring.


both died after one another

 A person believes that he has the most beautiful wife. She died a few months later as he passed away. It seems like she was waiting for him to go first.


I don’t want to let my childhood pet go. But I am happy for him he didn’t have to keep suffering.


after father death baby born

My friend and his fiance were waiting for the baby for a long time. Suddenly after 3 months of pregnancy, my friend died. After six months their beautiful and healthy daughter was born.


leaving US

After studying for 3 years in US, I am moving back to my own country sad for my friends. But happy to leave the country.


love birds

My two pets have left me saying goodbye. I am sad but happy for them.


permanently leaving

I was happy for my girlfriend because her dream of moving abroad permanently was coming true. But was sad to see her leaving.


grandma is leaving

My grandfather was ready to pass away it was incredibly sad to see him go, but also relieving to see that it was relaxing for him


got married

Happy for my marriage but I am nervous about leaving this week or next.


second baby

After a miscarriage, I conceived for the second baby. This time the second baby was healthy and beautiful.


baby growing well

I want to pause time for a bit but my baby is growing well.


leaving grandma's home

My grandma is sad to see my cousin and her dad leaving but happy to say goodbye. They are waving goodbye by turning faces.


my graduation cermony

After the graduation ceremony, I was sad but was happy for a better future.


my grandad died

After 10 months of moving to another country, my grandad died. The next time I visit the UK in 2011 and visited his grave.


having worest boss

Having the worst boss and the greatest job at the same time.


mutual love

Have a mutual love with a friend but it didn’t work as a couple.


my housemate sucides

My housemate’s suicide effort was just a cry for help.

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