Bitcoin: Understanding the Post 21 Million Mining Scenario

by heatfeed
Bitcoin, Understanding the Post 21 Million Mining Scenario

One of the exciting aspects of Bitcoin is that it has a restricted supply. However, this is not the case with traditional money as these can be printed to any number.  Satoshi Nakamoto, the mystery man behind Bitcoin, has defined Bitcoin to remain within a limit of 21 Million.

It means that Bitcoins would always remain under this set limit. We see BTCs come as per the Bitcoin supply, which remains at the fixed rate for every block coming within ten minutes.

Additionally, one can find several bitcoins released as per the earlier said blocks that are further confined by 50 percent every four years. By the end of 2021 August, we see a good number of Bitcoins come into being.

It seemed to have gone around 2.3 million that remained to be mined. The supply seems to remain scarce, and it further controls the inflation that could rise with the unlimited supply of the coins. You can explore this issue on sites like  

The Bitcoin 21 Million Cap – Will it Reach this Number?

The moment we see Bitcoin reaching the said supply, it will change the economics behind the same. One can find the incentives for different members within the ecosystem, including traders and miners.

For instance, one can find miners relying on different block rewards and coming up with different transaction amounts that help in gaining good profits and revenue for different operations.

The network of digital currency will also help in transforming and thus helping the participants to remain differently, going with the retail businesses falling in the current stage ecosystem. With all said and done, the digital currency remains the key player within the ecosystem. 

Before you think of dealing with this situation when it reaches the said market cap, it is worth noting whether we see it reaching the said figure or not. However, this would depend more on the current codebase of the digital currency and the mining process.

Several observers seemed to have come along with Bitcoin, and it could further be going to limit to 21 million amount. To get a recap, Bitcoin remains mined by several miners who are there to address the maths-based problems when checking and validating several transactions that fall within the said network.

One can find several block rewards for solving these problems, and it comes in the form of Bitcoin. The miners get the reward when they solve the problems in a big way. We see the rewards coming in every four hours.

The Reward System 

When Bitcoin came into the market, the reward went around 50 Bitcoins in the earlier days. However, in 2012 with 25 more and thus it went on multiplying in this way. Finally, in 2020, we see miners this year we’re able to get 6.2 BTCs for every next solution they gave in the mining process.

As per the current study, the mining of Bitcoin would remain somewhere within the said limit by 2140. So, you have 19 more years to go to reach out to the market cap figure.

The process of mining helps in getting too many rewards when we talk about the miners. However, the kind of reward and the size would slash down in the coming time. Thanks to the control it has over the newly added tokens.

Bitcoin Reaches 21 Million Figure 

Now, the big question is, what will happen when this figure of 21 Million is covered? The result of Bitcoin not reaching the planned cap will make things open, and the possibility one can find in the network remain perfect and even functional beyond the set year 2140.

After we reach this number, we may not find any Bitcoin coming to anyone; however, the transactions remain intact. The money you earn via a small number of fees will help you in a big way. Therefore, we see not a single Bitcoin will be issued after the said figure is made.

The network of the BTC will, however, function and the economy on the other side will be declared as a closed economy. After 2140, we will not see any other person getting any Bitcoin as there will be a ban on the issue.