Best Disney Plus Movies

by heatfeed
Best Disney Plus Movies

When browsing Disney Plus, we are completely spoiled for choice when it comes to movies. There’s a massive selection of movies that you won’t find anywhere else on this platform.

It’s no secret that Disney owns a whole lot of franchises, so you’ll be able to access a bunch of iconic movies that Netflix and Amazon just can’t offer. On Disney Plus, you will be able to watch pretty much any MCU movie you like, and any Star Wars movie you like.

Anyways, here are some of the best Disney Plus movies for you to watch! There’s no better way to watch these movies other than on a Large TV screen, click here for TV wall mounting services.

The maze runner

The maze runner is a movie with a really interesting concept, the second you turn the movie on you are totally glued to the screen. When a boy called Thomas wakes up confused in an elevator with no memory, he soon arrives in the middle of a maze where he is greeted by a few dozen people.

These people arrived in the maze the exact same way as Thomas and had no idea how they got there. The middle of the maze has been made into a sanctuary, and Thomas is soon warned of the dangers of leaving the middle of the maze.

Everyone in the maze seems to have totally given up on hopes of finding a way out, many people are even content with their life in the maze. Thomas, however, is eager to find answers. Through the massive maze, there are massive vicious aliens with a sting that can turn people into zombies.

This means roaming the maze in search of an exit is really dangerous. It soon comes apart to Thomas, that they are subjects to a large-scale experiment. This movie is brilliant due to the sheer chemistry each and every actor has together, the casting is fantastic.

The concept of this movie is fascinating, we really think that this movie did the book justice. There haven’t been a lot of movies like the maze runner before, it’s definitely one of the best Disney plus movies.


A man called Wade Wilson finds himself with superpowers after being tricked into a long painful lab experiment, under the impression that he was undergoing experimental cancer treatment.

After the lab burns down and leaves Wades to face horribly burned, he looks for revenge for the torcher he unwillingly endured. Now, despite how serious this description may be, this movie is actually hilarious.

If you are familiar with the character Deadpool then you’ll agree that Ryan Reynolds is absolutely perfect for the role, we don’t think we’ve seen a better casting choice since Robert Downey Junior as Tony Stark!

This movie is very cleverly written and is filled to the brim with witty one-liners that will have you in hysterics. It’s probably good to mention that this movie isn’t for children, it’s filled with a lot of adult humor and there are a few scenes with a bit of violence.

If you don’t mind things like that, then this is one of the best Disney Plus movies to watch.

Bruce Almighty 

Bruce Almighty is a movie about an unfortunate weatherman named Bruce (Jim Carrey) who can’t seem to understand why he has it so hard in life, he turns to God and asks why life is so hard on him. God is played by Morgan Freeman, which we think is a brilliant casting choice.

God gives Bruce his powers and requests that he looks after the world for him to prove to him how difficult it is to be God.

Bruce first uses his newfound powers for self-gain, but soon his priorities change when his girlfriend Grace starts to question the integrity of their relationship due to how weird he has been acting. This movie is really wholesome, it’s a brilliant family-friendly movie to watch on a cozy night in.

You can probably imagine the type of humor that this movie entails due to the fact that Jim Carrey plays the main character, so if you’re a fan of the actor then giving this one a watch is absolutely a no-brainer.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire is one of the best Disney Plus movies. It follows the story of a man named Daniel, a very talented actor. Daniel soon finds his marriage in a lot of trouble and ends up getting a divorce, he worries about the impact this will have on the amount of time he will get to spend with his children.

Shared custody of Daniel’s children is dependent on whether he can get a steady job and home. He begins to search for new jobs when he realizes that his Ex-wife is looking to hire a housekeeper to take care of the children while she is gone.

Daniel uses his acting skills to pose as an old woman and creates a persona in order to spend more time with his children. Living this sort of double life soon catches up to Daniel when the children find out about Daniel’s secret but promise not to tell.