This Artist Creates Intricate Art Using Pebbles

by heatfeed

Art is a realm of diverse human activities that involve creative imaginations. To express something that is beyond the limit of words. A human’s creation involves the creative power of the mind but is directly connected to the heart.

The way to express and admire beauty using a material that could be touched or seen is also called Art. In human history, artists used almost every tangible everyday object to create artwork, like mirrors, CDs, salt, fabric, food, flowers, Seashells, stones and pebbles, and much more.

But some masterpieces deserve more admiration because of their value and uniqueness. A Britain artist Mr. Justin Bateman has created some mesmerizing artworks using pebbles, stones, and rocks. 

He created mosaics of human portraits, animals, and famous paintings, temporally with stone and pebbles. He named this art “Land Art.” He used a piece of land as a canvas for his artwork. He created many masterpieces. 

Once telling about his beautiful journey of uniqueness, Justin Bateman said he created his first artwork in an old workshop at Portsmouth, the UK, on the beach.

Let’s have a close look at these masterpieces by Justin.


The artist also admitted that it was not an easy task to create such intricate artworks. Justin started working day and night to enhance and polish up his amazing skills. But he enjoyed the process of working.


The perfection in his artwork is beyond explanation. The use of a perfect blend of hues and tones making every detail visible. 


Recreating a masterpiece with a whole new soul is amazing. However, it takes more than just effort. Not to mention, but destroying such masterpieces could be painful. Hence, as a matter of fact, the impermanence of this land art, making it more valuable.

According to Justin, natural sites should remain natural, so he disperses all the pebbles and stones before leaving the area. 

It is not fair, right? But again, impermanence is far more attractive than immortality. It is an old tradition to keep such artwork safe for years or maybe for centuries as heritage. But Justin has broken this tradition by destroying his artwork.  

Although, it is difficult to destroy your efforts, on which you have spent many hours. 


Creating a realistic portrait and figurative work with stones and rocks is a more intricate process than any other creative activity. It could be stressful and fun both at once. Finding the true tone, size, color, and shape is a long and tiring process itself. 

Then the procedure of making the artwork, like sketching your drawing and trying to make it perfect from all angles, putting all stones in their exact position, and choosing hues and tones of stone, matching them with the painting. 

In other words, you totally depend on stones; if they fit nicely, it would be fun and relaxing. But in other cases, it would be a nightmare.




Figurative art and portraits need more focus and attentiveness. In addition, creating a human face with live expressions is an incredible skill. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with such talent. 






I thoroughly enjoy each stage of the process, finding pebbles, planning the subject, locating the environment, making the art, photographing the outcome, and responding to my audience.”






The Girl With The Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer was recreated in a totally different style. The girl with the pearl earring’s stone and pebble version are called The Girl With Pebble Earring. Loved by many hearts, this masterpiece is really admirable.



Here is his masterpiece called “StonaLisa.” The iconic Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci was recreated on a beach with pebbles. One of the most famous artworks of Bateman. 

According to the artist, it took 50 hours, including 16 hours gathering the stones. 








Final Words:

Creating something in such a difficult yet unique style is amazing. Again, it is a blessing, and Justin is so blessed. Recreation could be boring if you would not change its style.